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The Wiley Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences, Volume 1, Models and Theories

Carducci, Bernardo J. / Nave, Christopher S. / Mio, Jeffrey S. / Riggio, Ronald E. (Herausgeber)


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ISBN: 978-1-119-05750-5
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Alfred Adler

Gordon Allport

Albert Bandura

Roy Baumeister

Jack Block

David Buss

Paul T. Costa, Jr.

Robert McCrae

Ed Diener

Erik Erikson

Hans Eysenck

Sigmund Freud

David Funder

Lewis Goldberg

Karen Horney

Carl Jung

Abraham Maslow

Dan McAdams

Walter Mischel

Henry Murray

Carl Rogers

George Kelley


Adler Individual Psychology``

Agency /communion

Animal personality

Behavioral genetics

Biological models of personality- psychophysiological

Biological models of personality - neurological

Buss evolutionary psychology



Cattell trait theory lexical analysis

Interpersonal circumplex

Cognitive styles

Defense mechanisms

Delay of gratification


Ego control / ego resiliency theory (ARCH)

Emotional intelligence

Erikson psychosocial development stages

Evolutionary theory of personality

Eysenck psychoticism

FFM & facets

Gender differences / evolutionary

Gender identity

Gene environment interaction

Goals and motives

Goldberg vs Costa/Mccrae five factors


Hedonic adaptation & happiness theory



Idiographic vs nomothetic

Implicit models of personality

Independent / interdependent self

Personal Construct Theory of George A. Kelly

Locus of control

Maslow's Hierarch of Needs

Meaning and life

Mindset theory


Narrative approach or personal narratives

Needs, McClelland Theory of


Object relations theory

Optimism/pessimism Carver & Scheier Theory

Personal projects

Personality and language

Personality and neuroscience [brain structure and fuctioning]

Personality stability and change over time

Personality in culture

Personality stability over time

Personality triad


Psychophysiology [personality, hormones, & neurotransmitters]

Realistic accuracy model

Rejection sensitivity

Resilience theory of, not just the trait dimension

Schemas, theory of

Self-determination theory

Self-efficacy theory

Self-esteem, theory of

Self-monitoring, theory of

Self-other interjudge agreement; theory of accuracy

Self-presentation theory/impression management


Social construction models

Social learning theory/ Social Cognitive Theory (Bandura)

Sociometer theory

Temperament theory of

Terror management theory

The Giant 2

Trait theory of Allport

Whole trait theory
Bernardo J. Carducci, PhD, was professor of psychology at Indiana University Southeast where he taught classes on personality psychology and introductory psychology for 37 years, and was director of the IU Southeast Shyness Research Institute. He authored several books on shyness, including The Pocket Guide to Making Successful Small Talk: How to Talk to Anyone Anytime Anywhere About Anything and Shyness: A Bold New Approach. His text, Psychology of Personality: Viewpoints, Research, and Applications, is currently in its third edition.

Christopher Nave, PhD, is the Managing Director of the interdisciplinary Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences program at the University of Pennsylvania. His areas of expertise include multi-method design, behavioral observation, personality stability, personality judgment and well-being. His publications have appeared in top academic journals and handbooks and have been featured in the popular press.

B. J. Carducci, Indiana University Southeast; R. E. Riggio, Claremont McKenna College