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Whole Grains and their Bioactives

Composition and Health

Johnson, Jodee / Wallace, Taylor C. (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage April 2019
512 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-12945-5
John Wiley & Sons

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A review of various types of whole grains, the bioactives present within them, and their health-promoting effects

As rates of obesity and other chronic conditions continue to rise, so too does the need for clear and accurate information on the connections between diet and disease, particularly regarding the cereal grains that dominate the Western diet. In this volume, editors Jodee Johnson and Taylor Wallace assemble a panel of leading experts to address this issue. The result is a comprehensive examination of the cereal and pseudo-cereal grains and their most important bioactive compounds.

Not only does this volume offer summaries of existing research, it also places these findings within the larger context of health promotion and disease prevention. This includes frank discussions on the limitations of existing studies, as well as current gaps in research for those who want to offer evidence-based recommendations to their patients. Topics addressed include:
* Methodical analyses of domesticated grain species, their horticultural history, nutritional composition, and known effects on health
* Beneficial properties of certain bioactive compounds found in particular grain species
* How bioactive compounds work within an individual's overall diet to increase health and prevent disease

Academic and industry researchers, as well as medical practitioners and public health professionals, will appreciate Whole Grains and their Bioactives, not only as an engaging overview of current research, but also as an illuminating contribution to the often-murky debate surrounding health and the human diet.

List of contributors 00

Part 1: Introduction

1 Introduction to Whole Grains and Human Health 00
Jodee Johnson and Taylor C. Wallace

Part 2: Whole Grains, Whole Food Nutrition

2 Wheat 00
Daniel D. Gallaher and James Anderson

3 Oats 00
Yao Tang, Aaron Yerke, and Shengmin Sang

4 Rice 00
Nora Jean Nealon and Elizabeth P. Ryan

5 Corn 00
Siyuan Sheng, Tong Li, and Rui Hai Liu

6 Barley 00
C. Walter Newman, Rosemary K. Newman, and Christine E. Fastnaught

7 Rye 00
Laila Mejia

Part 3: Pseudo Cereal Grains, Whole Food Nutrition

8 Amaranth 00
Aida Jimena Velarde-Salcedo, Esau Bojorquez-Velázquez, and Ana Paulina Barba de La Rosa

9 Buckwheat 00
Juan Antonio Giménez Bastida, Henryk Zielinski, and José Moisés Laparra Llopis

10 Quinoa 00
Beenu Tanwar, Ankit Goyal, Manvesh Kumar Sihag, Ami Patel, Syed Irshaan, Vikas Kumar, and Intelli Kaur

Part 4: Health-Promoting Properties of Whole Grain Bioactive Compounds

11 Avenanthramides 00
Tianou Zhang and Li Li Ji

12 b-Glucans 00
Susan Tosh and S. Shea Miller

13 Phenolic Acid 00
Oliver Chen, Sérgio M. Costa, and Klinsmann Carolo

14 Carotenoids 00
Elizabeth J. Johnson

15 Alkylresorcinols 00
Alastair B. Ross

16 Lignans 00
Iman Zarei and Elizabeth P. Ryan

17 Phytosterols 00
Dan Zhu and Laura Nyström

18 Phytic Acid and Phytase Enzyme 00
Vikas Kumar and Amit Kumar Sinha

Index 0
About the Editors

Dr. Jodee Johnson is Associate Principal Scientist, Quaker Oats Center of Excellence, R&D Nutrition; Senior Scientist at PepsiCo R&D Nutrition, Barrington, IL, USA.

Dr. Taylor C. Wallace is the Principal & CEO at Think Healthy Group, Inc. and an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, USA.

Both Dr. Johnson and Dr. Wallace have published extensive research exploring the health-promoting effects of whole grains, other foods, and dietary bioactives.