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Informality Revisited

Latin American Perspectives on Housing, the State and the Market

Salazar, Clara (Herausgeber)

Bulletin of Latin American Research Book Series


1. Auflage April 2020
180 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-14110-5
John Wiley & Sons


Informality Revisited brings together nine leading Latin American researchers involved in the latest debates about the course that land and housing policies have been taking in the countries of the region, particularly in relation to informal urban development processes. They identify the contradictions in government actions and their impact on poverty and the urban social order over the last quarter of a century, arguing that governments have prioritised measures to make the market more effective and efficient.

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Informality Revisited offers an overview of recent debates about Latin American government programmes for the formalisation of informal settlements and housing provision in a neo-liberal context. Contributions from Latin American researchers analyse the contradictions in government actions and evaluate the consequences for urban poverty.
* Brings together nine leading Latin American researchers in the field of land and housing policy to address the question of informal urban development, particularly in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru
* Highlights the interrelationships between the production of formal and informal urban development and demonstrates how economic and legal reforms intended to make the market more effective and profitable have affected the production of urban space
* Explores how Latin American governments are applying neo-liberal principles to land and housing policies
* Investigates the implications of government actions for the production and commodification of urban land as well as the formalisation of property rights and provision of housing for the urban poor
* Contributors draw on a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data, including census results and previously unpublished official statistics

Preface: Urban Informality in Latin America in Global Perspective (Ann Varley)

Introduction (Clara Salazar)

1. The Informal COMP-FUSED City: Market and Urban Structure in Latin American Metropolises (Pedro Abramo)

2. The Pending Agenda of Property Right Formalisation in Peru: Conceptual and Public Policy Aspects (Julio Calderón Cockburn)

3. The Limitations of Land and Social Housing Policies in Overcoming Social Exclusion: the Bogotá Experience (María Mercedes Maldonado Copello)

4. Cure or Vaccinate, Two Contrasting Policies: Regularisation vs. Land Reserve in Sustainable Urban Development (Carlos H. Morales Schechinger)

5. New Procedures, Persistent Failures: Entitlement Practices in Mexico's Informal Settlements (Clara Salazar)

6. Informal Settlements in the Age of Digital Cartography: Insights from Mexico City (Priscilla Connolly)

7. Preventing 'Clouded' Titles in Previously Informal Settlements. The Administrative and Judicial Transmission of Property (Edith R. Jiménez-Huerta, Heriberto Cruz-Solís and Claudia Ubaldo-Velázquez)

8. Conclusion (Clara Salazar)

Clara Salazar is a lecturer and researcher at the Centre for Demographic, Urban and Environmental Studies, El Colegio de México. She has given guest lectures in many universities in Latin America countries and elsewhere and has published four books, as author, co-author or editor, and around fifty book chapters and articles in specialist journals. Her research analyses informal urban development, focusing on the strategies employed by poor households to gain access to land and housing as well as the role of the state in this context.

C. Salazar, El Colegio de México, Mexico