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Environmental Psychology

An Introduction

Steg, Linda / de Groot, Judith I. M. (Herausgeber)

BPS Textbooks in Psychology (Band Nr. 1)


2. Auflage Januar 2019
448 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-24108-9
John Wiley & Sons

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The updated edition of the essential guide to environmental psychology

Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition, Environmental Psychology: An Introduction offers an overview of the interplay between humans and their environments. The text examines the influence of the environment on human experiences, behaviour and well-being and explores the factors influencing environmental behaviour, and ways to encourage pro-environmental behaviour. The revised edition is a state-of-the art review of relevant theories and research on each of these topics.

With contributions from an international panel of noted experts, the text addresses a wealth of topics including the main research methods in environmental psychology; effects of environmental stress; emotional impacts and meanings of natural environment experience; aesthetic appraisals of architecture; how to measure environmental behaviour; cognitive, emotional and social factors explaining environmental behaviour; effects and acceptability of strategies to promote pro-environmental factors; and much more. This important book:
* Discusses the environmental factors that threaten and promote human wellbeing
* Explores a wide range of factors influencing actions that affect environmental conditions
* Discusses the effects and acceptability of approaches that aim to encourage pro-environmental behavior
* Presents research results conducted in different regions in the world
* Contains contributions from noted experts

Written for scholars and practitioners in the field, the revised edition of Environmental Psychology offers a comprehensive review of the most recent research available in environmental psychology.

1 Environmental Psychology: History, Scope, and Methods 1


2 Environmental Risk Perception 15

3 Climate Change as a Unique Environmental Problem 26

4 Environmental Stress 36

5 Scenic Beauty: Visual Landscape Assessment and Human Landscape Perception 45

6 Health Benefits of Nature 55

7 Restorative Environments 65

8 Ambivalence Towards Nature and Natural Landscapes 76

9 Human Dimensions of Wildlife 85

10 Children and the Natural Environment 95

11 Appraising and Designing Built Environments that Promote Well-Being and Healthy Behaviour 104

12 Urban Environmental Quality 113

13 Environment and Quality of Life 123

14 Place Attachment 135

15 How Cues in the Environment Affect Normative Behaviour 144


16 Measuring Environmental Behaviour 157

17 Values and Pro-Environmental Behaviour 167

18 Social Norms and Pro-Environmental Behaviour 179

19 Emotions and Pro-Environmental Behaviour 189

20 Symbolic Aspects of Environmental Behaviour 198

21 Social Dilemmas: Motivational, Individual, and Structural Aspects Influencing Cooperation 207

22 Theories to Explain Environmental Behaviour 217

23 The Role of Group Processes in Environmental Issues, Attitudes, and Behaviours 228

24 Yesterday's Habits Preventing Change for Tomorrow? About the Influence of Automaticity on Environmental Behaviour 238

25 Environmental Psychology in Latin America 251


26 Informational Strategies to Promote Pro-Environmental Behaviour: Changing Knowledge, Awareness, and Attitudes 263

27 Encouraging Pro-Environmental Behaviour with Rewards and Penalties 273

28 Persuasive Technology to Promote Pro-Environmental Behaviour 283

29 Acceptability of Environmental Policies 295

30 Processes of Change 307

31 Simulating Social Environmental Systems 319

32 Environmental Issues in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 330

33 Conclusion: Summary, Trends, and Future Perspectives in Environmental Psychology 341

References 352

Index 407
Linda Steg is professor of Environmental Psychology at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Judith I. M. de Groot is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Consumer Behaviour at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

L. Steg, University of Groningen, the Netherlands; J. I. M. de Groot, Bournemouth University, UK