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Byproducts from Agriculture and Fisheries

Adding Value for Food, Feed, Pharma and Fuels

Simpson, Benjamin K. / Aryee, Alberta N. / Toldrá, Fidel (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage November 2019
744 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-38397-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Ranging from biofuels to building materials, and from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, the list of products that may be manufactured using discards from farming and fishery operations is extensive.

Byproducts from Agriculture and Fisheries examines the procedures and technologies involved in this process of reconstitution, taking an environmentally aware approach as it explores the developing role of value-added byproducts in the spheres of food security, waste management, and climate control. An international group of authors contributes engaging and insightful chapters on a wide selection of animal and plant byproducts, discussing the practical business of byproduct recovery within the vital contexts of shifting socio-economic concerns and the emergence of green chemistry.

This important text:
* Covers recent developments, current research, and emerging technologies in the fields of byproduct recovery and utilization
* Explores potential opportunities for future research and the prospective socioeconomic benefits of green waste management
* Includes detailed descriptions of procedures for the transformation of the wastes into of value-added food and non-food products

With its combination of practical instruction and broader commentary, Byproducts from Agriculture and Fisheries offers essential insight and expertise to all students and professionals working in agriculture, environmental science, food science, and any other field concerned with sustainable resources.

List of Contributors ix

Preface xv

1 An Introduction to Agricultural and Fishery Wastes 1
Yi Zhang, Jia Zhang, and Benjamin K. Simpson

Part I On Animal Byproducts 19

2 Pork Byproducts 21
Cristina Mateus Alfaia, Marta S. Madeira, José Pestana, Diogo Coelho, Paula A. Lopes, Fidel Toldrá, and José A.M. Prates

3 Cattle Byproducts 43
Leticia Mora, Fidel Toldrá-Reig, José A.M. Prates, and Fidel Toldrá

4 Byproducts from Dairy Processing 57
Diana Oliveira, Patrick Fox, and James A.O'Mahony

5 Byproducts from Butter and Cheese Processing 107
Terri D. Boylston

6 Poultry Byproducts 123
Alireza Seidavi, Hossein Zaker-Esteghamati, and Colin G. Scanes

7 Utilization of Egg Byproducts for Food and Biomaterial Applications 147
Apollinaire Tsopmo, Flagot Tsige, and Chibuike C. Udenigwe

8 Egg Processing Discards 169
Justina Amissah

9 Byproducts from Fish Harvesting and Processing 179
Soottawat Benjakul, Thanasak Sae-leaw, and Benjamin K. Simpson

10 Byproducts from Shellfish Harvesting and Processing 219
Sappasith Klomklao, Tanchanok Poonsin, Soottawat Benjakul, and Benjamin K. Simpson

11 Microbial Enzymes from Fish Processing Discards 259
Yi Zhang, Hanny M. Gohou, Sappasith Klomklao, and Benjamin K. Simpson

12 Animal Discards in Livestock Feed Manufacture 275
S.A. Adedokun, B.L. Bryson, O.C. Olojede, and A.E. Dunaway

13 Bioactive Peptides from Fish Collagen Byproducts: A Review 309
Moncef Nasri

14 Bioactive Compounds from Animal Meat Byproducts 335
Leticia Mora, Fidel Toldrá-Reig, Milagro Reig, and Fidel Toldrá

Part II On Plant Byproducts 347

15 High-Value Products from Cereal, Nuts, Fruits, and Vegetables Wastes 349
Taiwo O. Akanbi, Kehinde O. Dare, and Alberta N. A. Aryee

16 Advances in Plant-Based Waste-to-Energy Conversion Technologies 369
Hamed M. El-Mashad and Ruihong Zhang

17 Biological and Microbial Technologies for the Transformation of Fruits and Vegetable Wastes 403
Doreen D. Adi, Ibok Oduro, and Benjamin K. Simpson

18 Bioethanol from Waste - Prospects and Challenges of Current and Emerging Technologies 421
Katerina Valta, Christina Papadaskalopoulou, Maria Dimarogona, and Evangelos Topakas

19 Applicability of Agro Waste for Remediation of Chemical Contaminants in Water 457
P. Sivaperumal, K. Kamala, W. Richard Thilagaraj, C. Gopalakrishnan, and R. Rajaram

20 Biopesticides and Biofertilizers: Types, Production, Benefits, and Utilization 479
Lord Abbey, Joel Abbey, Adedayo Leke-Aladekoba, Ekene Mark-Anthony Iheshiulo, and Mercy Ijenyo

21 Valorization of Agricultural Byproducts Through Conversion to Biochar and Bio-Oil 501
Mingxin Guo, Pengli Xiao, and Hong Li

22 Polymers and Adsorbents from Agricultural Waste 523
Sebastian L. Riedel and Christopher Brigham

23 Technologies for Compost Production from Plant Byproducts 545
Grant Clark

24 Utilization of Selected Tropical Crops (Cocoa, Kola Nuts, Sorghum, Millet, and Shea Butter) 563
Gregory Afra Komlaga, Ibok Oduro, and Edna Mireku Essel

25 Economic Value of Agro Waste in Developing Countries 581
Suresh L. Paul and Herman Sahni

26 Energy and Environmental Mitigation Potential of Rice Byproducts 597
Ebenezer Kwofie and M.O. Ngadi

27 Thermochemical Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass for the Production of Bioenergy 619
Andrea Kruse

28 Dioxins from Agro Waste Combustion: Evaluation and Management 629
Juan A. Conesa

29 Techno-economic Assessment of Bioenergy from Manure 641
Vasiliki Panaretou, Katerina Valta, Maria Kasidoni, and George Diamantis

30 Fruit, Nut, Cereal, and Vegetable Waste Valorization to Produce Biofuel 665
Isah Shehu, Taiwo O. Akanbi, Victor Wyatt, and Alberta N. A. Aryee

31 Economic Impacts of Value Addition to Agricultural Byproducts 685
Collins Ayoo and Samuel Bonti-Ankomah

32 Constraints to Value Addition to Agricultural Byproducts 699
Collins Ayoo, Samuel Bonti-Ankomah, and Alberta N. A. Aryee

Index 713
BENJAMIN K. SIMPSON, Professor, Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry Department, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada.

FIDEL TOLDRÁ, Professor, Department of Food Science, Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos (CSIC), Valencia, Spain.

ALBERTA N.A. ARYEE, Assistant Professor, Department of Human Ecology (Food Science and Biotechnology) Delaware State University, Dover, DE, USA.