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Cultural Algorithms

Tools to Model Complex Dynamic Social Systems

Reynolds, Robert G.

IEEE Press Series on Computational Intelligence


1. Auflage Januar 2021
288 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-40308-1
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A thorough look at how societies can use cultural algorithms to understand human social evolution

For those working in computational intelligence, developing an understanding of how cultural algorithms and social intelligence form the essential framework for the evolution of human social interaction is essential. This book, Cultural Algorithms: Tools to Model Complex Dynamic Social Systems, is the foundation of that study. It showcases how we can use cultural algorithms to organize social structures and develop socio-political systems that work.

For such a vast topic, the text covers everything from the history of the development of cultural algorithms and the basic framework with which it was organized. Readers will also learn how other nature-inspired algorithms can be expressed and how to use social metrics to assess the performance of various algorithms.

In addition to these topics, the book covers topics including:
* The CAT system including the Repast Simphony System and CAT Sample Runs
* How to problem solve using social networks in cultural algorithms with auctions
* Understanding Common Value Action to enhance Social Knowledge Distribution Systems
* Case studies on team formations
* An exploration of virtual worlds using cultural algorithms

For industry professionals or new students, Cultural Algorithms provides an impactful and thorough look at both social intelligence and how human social evolution translates into the modern world.

1. System Design Using Cultural Algorithms


The Cultural Engine

Outline of the Book: Cultural Learning in Dynamic Environments

2. The Cultural Algorithms Toolkit

Cultural Algorithms Toolkit Overview

Downloading and Running CAT

The Repast Simphony System

Knowledge Sources

Fitness Functions


The Logistics Function

Cultural Algorithms Toolkit Sample Runs: Conesworld

Cultural Algorithms Toolkit Sample Runs: Other Problems

3. Problem Solving Using Social Networks in Cultural Algorithms with Auctions


Cultural Algorithms

Subcultured Heterogeneous Networks

Auction Mechanisms

The Cultural Engine

Cones World

Experimental Framework




4. Using Common Value Auction In Cultural Algorithm to Enhance Robustness and Resilience of Social Knowledge Distribution Systems

Cultural Algorithms

Common Value Auction

Cones World

Dynamic Experimental Framework


Conclusions and Future Work

5. Optimizing AI Pipelines: A Game-Theoretic Cultural Algorithms Approach


Overview of Cultural Algorithms

Cultural Algorithms Knowledge Distribution Mechanisms

Primer on Game Theory

Game Theoretic Knowledge Distribution

Continuous-Action Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma




Learning Rate Adjustment

Test Results: Benchmark Problem

Test Results: Computer Vision Pipeline


6. Cultural Algorithms for Social Network Analysis - Case Studies in Team Formation


Application of Social Network

Forming Successful Teams

Formulating TFP

Communication Cost

Personnel Cost

Distance Cost

Workload Balance

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Cultural Algorithms

Forming Teams in Co-authorship Network

Individual Representation

Fitness Function

Belief Space

Dataset and Observations

Skill Frequency

Forming Teams in Healthcare Network

Individual Representation

Fitness Function

Dataset and Observation

Summary and Conclusion

7. Evolving Emergent Team Strategies in Robotic Soccer using Enhanced Cultural Algorithms



Related Work

The 2D Soccer Simulation Testbed

Evolution of team strategies via Cultural Algorithm

Experiments and Analysis of Results



8. The Use of Cultural Algorithms to Learn the Impact of Climate on Local Fishing Behavior in Cerro Azul, Peru


An Overview of the Cerro Azul Fishing Data Set

Data Mining at the Macro, Meso, and Micro Levels

Cultural Algorithms and Multi-Objective Optimization

The Artisanal Fishing Model

The Experimental Results

Statistical Validation

Conclusions and Future Work

9. CAPSO: A Parallelized Multiobjective Cultural Algorithm Particle Swarm Optimizer


Multi-Objective Optimization

Cultural Algorithms

CAPSO Knowledge Structures

Tracking Knowledge Source Progress (Other than Topographic)

CAPSO Algorithm Pseudocode

Multiple Runs

Benchmark Problems Comparison

Overall Summary of Results

Other Applications

10. Exploring Virtual Worlds with Cultural Algorithms: Ancient Alpena-Amberley Land Bridge

Archaeological Challenges

Generalized Framework

The Land Bridge Hypothesis

Origin and Form

Putting Data to Work

Path-Finding and Planning

Identifying Good Locations

Cultural Algorithms

Cultural Algorithm Mechanisms

The Composition of the Belief Space

Future Work

Path Planning Strategy

Local Tactics

Detailed Locational Information

Extending the Cultural Algorithms

Human Presence in the Virtual World

Increasing the Complexity

Updated Path-Planning Results

The Fully Rendered Land Bridge

Pathfinder Mechanisms


DR. ROBERT G. REYNOLDS is a Professor of Computer Science at Wayne State University and a Visiting Research Scientist at the University of Michigan's Museum of Anthropology. In addition to serving as the Computational Intelligence Representative to the IEEE USA Research and Development Committee, he has also been an Associate Editor for eight Intelligent System and IEEE journals.