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A Concise Companion to Visual Culture

Anable, Aubrey / Zuromskis, Catherine

Blackwell Companions in Cultural Studies


1. Auflage Dezember 2020
Wiley & Sons Ltd
Saab, Joan (Herausgeber)

ISBN: 978-1-119-41540-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Notes on Contributors

Introduction, A. Joan Saab, Aubrey Anable, and Catherine Zuromskis

Part I: Scenes from the Institutionalization of the Field

1. "Practices of Visual Culture Pedagogy," Lisa Cartwright and Marita Sturken

2. "Horizontal Thinking and the Emergence of Visual Culture," Louis Kaplan

3. An Interview with W.J.T. Mitchell

4. A Conversation with Douglas Crimp

5. "A Dialogue," Richard Meyer and Jon Davies

6. "Scene Selection: Objects Lost and Found," Sharon Willis

Part II: Key Concepts

A. Histories

Introduction, A. Joan Saab

7. "The Archive," Jane Blocker

8. "Observance," Marquard Smith

9. "Temporality," Joel Burges

10. "Ephemerality," Kate Palmer Albers

B. Ecologies

Introduction, Catherine Zuromskis

11. "Environment," Ross Barrett

12. "Architectures," Irene Cheng

13. "Sites," Norman Vorano

14. "Vernaculars," James J. Hodge

C. Mediation

Introduction, Aubrey Anable

15. "The Document," Franny Nudelman

16. "Form," Eugenie Brinkema

17. "Play," Braxton Soderman

18. "Memes," Margot Bouman

D. Agencies

Introduction, A. Joan Saab

19. "Subjects," Eve Meltzer

20. "Making," Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson

21. "Institutions," Sarah E.K. Smith

22. "Species," Gloria Kim

E. Politics

Introduction, Catherine Zuromskis

23. "The Social," Lane Relyea

24. "Identities," Derek Conrad Murray

25. "Representation," Chad Elias

26. "Feelings," Scott C. Richmond

27. "Action," T.J. Demos