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Sustainable Design Basics

Jaffe, Sharon B. / Fleming, Rob / Karlen, Mark / Roberts, Saglinda H.


1. Auflage April 2020
496 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-44373-5
John Wiley & Sons

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An accessible, climate-diverse guide that transforms readers from sustainable design novices to whole-solution problem solvers.

Sustainable Design Basics is a student-friendly introduction to a holistic and integral view of sustainable design. Comprehensive in scope, this textbook presents basic technical information, sustainability strategies, and a practical, step-by-step approach for sustainable building projects. Clear and relatable chapters illustrate how to identify the factors that reduce energy use, solve specific sustainable design problems, develop holistic design solutions, and address the social and cultural aspects of sustainable design. Requiring no prior knowledge of the subject, the text's easy-to-follow methodology leads readers through the fundamental sustainable design principles for the built environment.

Sustainably-constructed and maintained buildings protect the health and improve the productivity of their occupants, as well as help to restore the global ecosystem. The authors, leading practitioners and educators in sustainable design, have created a resource that provides a solid introduction to broad level sustainability thinking that students can take forward into their professional practice. Topics include space planning for sustainable design, integrative and collaborative design, standards and rating systems, real-world strategies to conserve energy and resources through leveraging renewable natural resources and innovative construction techniques and their impact on our environment.

Usable and useful both in and beyond the classroom, this book:
* Covers building location strategies, building envelopes and structures, integration of passive and active systems, green materials, and project presentation
* Examines cultural factors, social equity, ecological systems, and aesthetics
* Provides diverse student exercises that vary by climate, geography, setting, perspective, and typology
* Features a companion website containing videos for each sustainable strategy, matrices, templates, Sketch-Up and AutoCAD files, PowerPoint slides, and extensive instructor resources

Sustainable Design Basics is an important resource aimed at undergraduate architecture and interior design students, or first-year graduate students, as well as design professionals wishing to integrate sustainable design knowledge and techniques into their practice.


About the Companion Website

Chapter 1 - Why, How, Who and What

Chapter 2 - Mindset

A Brief History of Sustainable Design

The Linear Mindset

The Four Perspectives of Integral Sustainable Design

Chapter 3 - Step 1 Context

The Sustainable Design Basics (SDB) Methodology

Step 1 Context

Step 1A Context: Project Information

Step 1B Context: Guiding Principles

Step 1C Macro Context and Micro Context

Step 1D Site Inventory and Analysis

Chapter 4 - Step 2, Pre-Planning

Step 2A - Case Study

Step 2B Project Goals

Step 2C Criteria Matrix

Chapter 5 - Step 3 Design

Whole Building Thinking, Systems Thinking

Step 3A Preliminary Design

Chapter 6 - Step 3 Design

Step 3B. Passive Design

Chapter 7 - Step 3 Design

Step 3B. Passive Design. Daylighting

Chapter 8 - Step 3 Design

Step 3C: Building Envelope

Chapter 9 - Materials

Step 3D: Green Materials Basics

Chapter 10 - Step 4. Design Resolution

Step 4A: Final Design Synthesis

Step 4B: Final Design Validation

Step 4C: Presenting the Project

Chapter 11- Demonstration Project

Step 1: Context

Step 2: Pre-Planning

Step 3: Design

Step 3A: Preliminary Design

Step 3B: Passive Systems

Step 3C: Building Envelope

Chapter 12 - Demonstration Project Beyond the Basics

Active Systems

Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting

Chapter 13 - Demonstration Project Final Validation

Chapter 14 - Demonstration Project Final Presentation

Chapter 15 - Exercises

Sharon B. Jaffe, LEED AP ID + C, IIDA, NCIDQ is a designer, educator, sustainable redeveloper, and community activist, specializing in the collaborative development of sustainable environments. She currently teaches at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.

Rob Fleming, AIA, LEED AP has been teaching, researching, advocating, and practicing sustainable design for over 20 years. He is the founding director of, and a professor in, the MS in Sustainable Design Program at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.

Mark Karlen, Ph.D., AIA, NCIDQ has been practicing, teaching, and writing about interior design and architecture for several decades. He has chaired interior architecture programs at the University of Cincinnati and Pratt Institute.

Saglinda H. Roberts, IIDA, CID, LEED Green Associate has over 30 years of extensive design experience; her focused research is on the future of restorative and holistic sustainable design. She currently teaches in the Interior Architecture program at Chatham University.

R. Fleming, Philadelphia University