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Rethinking Culture in Health Communication

Social Interactions as Intercultural Encounters

Hsieh, Elaine / Kramer, Eric M.


1. Auflage März 2021
464 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-49616-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Rethinking Culture in Health Communication

An interdisciplinary overview of health communication using a cultural lens--uniquely focused on social interactions in health contexts

Patients, health professionals, and policymakers embody cultural constructs that impact healthcare processes. Rethinking Culture in Health Communication explores the ways in which culture influences healthcare, introducing new approaches to understanding social relationships and health policies as a dynamic process involving cultural values, expectations, motivations, and behavioral patterns. This innovative textbook integrates theories and practices in health communication, public health, and medicine to help students relate fundamental concepts to their personal experiences and develop an awareness of how all individuals and groups are shaped by culture.

The authors present a foundational framework explaining how cultures can be understood from four perspectives--Magic Consciousness, Mythic Connection, Perspectival Thinking, and Integral Fusion--to examine existing theories, social norms, and clinical practices in health-related contexts. Detailed yet accessible chapters discuss culture and health behaviors, interpersonal communication, minority health and healthcare delivery, cultural consciousness, social interactions, sociopolitical structure, and more. The text features examples of how culture can create challenges in access, process, and outcomes of healthcare services and includes scenarios in which individuals and institutions hold different or incompatible ethical views. The text also illustrates how cultural perspectives can shape the theoretical concepts emerged in caregiver-patient communication, provider-patient interactions, social policies, public health interventions, and other real-life settings. Written by two leading health communication scholars, this textbook:
* Highlights the sociocultural, interprofessional, clinical, and ethical aspects of health communication
* Explores the intersections of social relationships, cultural tendencies, and health theories and behaviors
* Examines the various forms, functions, and meanings of health, illness, and healthcare in a range of cultural contexts
* Discusses how cultural elements in social interactions are essential to successful health interventions
* Includes foundational overviews of health communication and of culture in health-related fields
* Discusses culture in health administration, moral values in social policies, and ethics in medical development
* Incorporates various aspects and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic as a cultural phenomenon through the lens of health communication

Rethinking Culture in Health Communication is an ideal textbook for courses in health communication, particularly those focused on interpersonal communication, as well as in cross-cultural communication, cultural phenomenology, medical sociology, social work, public health, and other health-related fields.

Acknowledgment ix

1 Rethinking Culture in Health Communication 1

2 Cultural Consciousness I: Magic Consciousness and Emotions in Health 26

3 Cultural Consciousness II: Mythic Connection and the Social Meanings of Health and Illness 51

4 Cultural Consciousness III: Perspectival Thinking and the Emergence of Modern Medicine 80

5 Cultural Consciousness IV: Integral Fusion and Health Professionals in Healthcare Settings 107

6 Culture and Health Behaviors: Culture Assumptions in Health Theories and Practices 138

7 Health Literacy: Cultural Approaches to Health Behaviors and Decision-Making 163

8 Group-Based Identities: Cultural Approaches to Social Stigma and Health Practices 192

9 Uncertainty in Health and Illness: From Perspectival Thinking to Integral Fusion 226

10 Social Support: Understanding Supportive Relationships Through Cultural Perspectives 257

11 Transformative Technologies: Cultural Approaches to Technologies in Health Contexts 293

12 Health Disparities: Observations and Solutions Through Different Cultural Approaches 328

13 When Cultural Perspectives Collide: Community-Based Health Interventions in Marginalized Populations 368

14 Distributive Justice: Embedding Equity and Justice in Structural Barriers and Health Policies 404

Index 445
Elaine Hsieh, Ph.D., J.D. is Professor at the Department of Communication, University of Oklahoma, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. An award-winning author, Fulbright Scholar, and NIH-funded researcher, she has published extensively to examine the intersections of culture, language, health, and medicine in interpersonal and cross-cultural contexts. She is currently Associate Editor for Health Communication. She has served as the Chair of the Health Communication Division at the National Communication Association and as Associate Editor for the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health (2010-2017).

Eric Mark Kramer, Ph.D. is Presidential Professor of Communication and Affiliate Faculty in the College of International and Area Studies and the Department of Film and Media Studies at the University of Oklahoma. He is Senior Editor of The Oxford University Research Encyclopedia on Communication, International and Global Communication, Associate Editor of the Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, a founding Director of the EU Institute for Studies in Comparative Civilizations, author and editor of 11 books.