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Business Sustainability in Asia

Compliance, Performance and Integrated Reporting and Assurance

Rezaee, Zabihollah / Tsui, Judy / Cheng, Peter / Zhou, Gaoguang


1. Auflage Februar 2019
448 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-50231-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Get familiar with business sustainability in Asia

Business Sustainability in Asia offers 12 chapters that cover different aspects of business sustainability with a keen focus on its implications in Asia. Anyone who is involved with business sustainability and corporate governance, the financial reporting process, investment decisions, legal and financial advising, assurance functions, and corporate governance education will be interested in this book.

It examines business sustainability performance, reporting and assurance and their integration into strategy, governance, risk assessment, performance management, and the reporting process of disclosing governance, ethics, social, environmental, and economic sustainable performance. The book also highlights how people, businesses, and resources collaborate in a business sustainability and accountability model.

* Develop an awareness and understanding of the main themes, perspectives, frameworks, and issues pertaining to corporate governance and business sustainability in Asia

* Covers a variety of issues relevant to business sustainability in Asia

* Authored by an expert who has written extensively on the subject

* Understand why organizations worldwide recognize the importance of sustainability performance

If you're a business leader, executive, auditor, or student looking to familiarize yourself with this emerging subject, Business Sustainability in Asia has you covered.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Business Sustainability Performance, Integrated Reporting, and Assurance

I. Executive Summary

II. Introduction

III. Definition

IV. Themes of this Book

V. Attributes

VI. Principles

VII. Dimensions of Sustainability Performance

1. Economic Sustainability Performance

2. Governance Sustainability Performance

3. Social Sustainability Performance

4. Ethical Sustainability Performance

5. Environmental Sustainability Performance

VIII. Value Relevance of Sustainability Performance

IX. Emergence of Business Sustainability in Asia

X. Sustainability Reporting and Assurance

XI. Professional Organizations Influencing Sustainability

XII. Best Practices of Sustainability Performance, Reporting, and Assurance

XIII. Managerial Implications of Sustainability Programs and Activities

XIV. Conclusions

XV. Chapter Takeaway

XVI. Endnotes

Chapter 2: Sustainability Principles, Theories, Standards, Research and Education

I. Executive Summary

II. Introduction

III. Institutional Background

IV. Sustainability Principles

V. Sustainability Theories

1. Shareholder/Agency Theory

2. Stakeholder Theory

3. Legitimacy Theory

4. Signaling/Disclosure Theory

5. Institutional Theory

6. Stewardship Theory

VI. Sustainability Standards

1. ISO 9,000

2. ISO 14,000

3. ISO 20,121

4. ISO 26,000

5. ISO 27,001

6. ISO 31,000

VII. Global Implications of Sustainability Principles, Theories and Standards

VIII. Sustainability Research

1. Some Selected Recent Studies

IX. Business Sustainability Education

X. Conclusions

XI. Chapter Takeaway

XII. Endnotes