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Earth Materials

Hefferan, Kevin / O'Brien, John


2. Auflage Mai 2022
688 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-51217-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Earth Materials

Earth materials encompass the minerals, rocks, soil and water that constitute our planet and the physical, chemical and biological processes that produce them. Since the expansion of computer technology in the last two decades of the twentieth century, many universities have compressed or eliminated individual course offerings such as mineralogy, optical mineralogy, igneous petrology, sedimentology and metamorphic petrology and replaced them with Earth materials courses. Earth materials courses have become an essential curricular component in the fields of geology, geoscience, Earth science, and many related areas of study. This textbook is designed to address the needs of a one- or two-semester Earth materials course, as well as individuals who want or need an expanded background in minerals, rocks, soils and water resources.

Earth Materials, Second Edition, provides:
* Comprehensive descriptive analysis of Earth materials
* Color graphics and insightful text in a logical integrated format
* Field examples and regional relationships with graphics that illustrate concepts discussed
* Examples of how concepts discussed can be used to address real world issues
* Contemporary references from current scientific journals related to developments in Earth materials research
* Summative discussions of how Earth materials are interrelated with other science and non-science fields of study
* Additional resources, including detailed descriptions of major rock-forming minerals and keys for identifying minerals using macroscopic and/or optical methods, are available online at

Earth Materials, Second Edition, is an innovative, visually appealing, informative and readable textbook that addresses the full spectrum of Earth materials.



1 Earth Materials and The Geosphere

2 Atoms, Elements, Bonds and Coordination Polyhedra

3 Atomic Substitution, Phase Diagrams and Isotopes

4 Crystallography

5 Mineral Properties and Rock-Forming Minerals

6 Optical Identification of Minerals

7 Igneous Rock Texture, Composition and Classification

8 Magma and Intrusive Structures

9 Volcanic Features and Landforms

10 Igneous Rock Associations

11 Weathering, Sediment Production and Soils

12 The Sedimentary Cycle: Erosion, Transportation, Deposition, Sedimentary Structures and Environments

13 Detrital Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks

14 Biochemical Sedimentary Rocks

15 Metamorphism

16 Metamorphism: Stress, Deformation and Structures

17 Texture and Classification of Metamorphic Rocks

18 Metamorphic Zones, Facies and Facies Series

19 Mineral Resources and Hazards

Kevin Hefferan is Associate Professor in the Marine Science, Safety and Environmental Protection Department at Massachusetts Maritime Academy of Buzzards Bay, MA, USA.

John O'Brien (retired) worked for 41 years in the Department of Geoscience-Geography (now Earth and Environmental Sciences) at New Jersey City State University.

K. Hefferan, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; J. O'Brien, New Jersey City University