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Systems Engineering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Big Data, Novel Technologies, and Modern Systems Engineering

Kenett, Ron S. / Swarz, Robert S. / Zonnenshain, Avigdor (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Februar 2020
656 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-51389-6
John Wiley & Sons

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An up-to-date guide for using massive amounts of data and novel technologies to design, build, and maintain better systems engineering

Systems Engineering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Big Data, Novel Technologies, and Modern Systems Engineering offers a guide to the recent changes in systems engineering prompted by the current challenging and innovative industrial environment called the Fourth Industrial Revolution--INDUSTRY 4.0. This book contains advanced models, innovative practices, and state-of-the-art research findings on systems engineering. The contributors, an international panel of experts on the topic, explore the key elements in systems engineering that have shifted towards data collection and analytics, available and used in the design and development of systems and also in the later life-cycle stages of use and retirement.

The contributors address the issues in a system in which the system involves data in its operation, contrasting with earlier approaches in which data, models, and algorithms were less involved in the function of the system. The book covers a wide range of topics including five systems engineering domains: systems engineering and systems thinking; systems software and process engineering; the digital factory; reliability and maintainability modeling and analytics; and organizational aspects of systems engineering. This important resource:
* Presents new and advanced approaches, methodologies, and tools for designing, testing, deploying, and maintaining advanced complex systems
* Explores effective evidence-based risk management practices
* Describes an integrated approach to safety, reliability, and cyber security based on system theory
* Discusses entrepreneurship as a multidisciplinary system
* Emphasizes technical merits of systems engineering concepts by providing technical models

Written for systems engineers, Systems Engineering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution offers an up-to-date resource that contains the best practices and most recent research on the topic of systems engineering.


1 Systems Engineering, Data Analytics, and Systems Thinking

2 Applied Systems Thinking

3 The Importance of Context in Advanced Systems Engineering

4 Architectural Technical Debt in Embedded Systems

5 Relay Race: The Shared Challenge of Systems and Software Engineering

6 Data-Centric Process Systems Engineering for Industry 4.0

7 Virtualization of the human in the digital factory

8 The Dark Side of using Augmented Reality (AR) Training Systems in Industry

9 Condition-Based Maintenance via Simulation and a Targeted Bayesian Network Meta-Model

10 Reliability-based hazard analysis and risk assessment: a mining engineering case study

11 OPCloud: the foundation of a new OPM-based system design paradigm for Industry 4

12 Recent Advances Towards the Industrialization of Metal Additive Manufacturing

13 Analytics as an Enabler of Advanced Manufacturing

14 Hybrid semi-parametric modeling: A modular process systems engineering approach for the integration of available knowledge sources

15 System Thinking Begins with Human Factors: Challenges for the 4th Industrial Revolution

16 Building More Resilient Cyber Security Solutions for Infrastructure systems

17 Closed Loop Mission Assurance Based on Flexible Contracts: A Fourth Industrial Revolution Imperative

18 FlexTech: from rigid to flexible human-systems integration

19 Transdisciplinary systems in Industry 4.0

20 Entrepreneurship as a multidisciplinary project

21 The Industry competence and Maturity for Advanced Manufacturing scale (IMAM)

22 Modeling the Evolution of Technologies

Index, acronyms

Biographies of editors
RON S. KENETT, PHD, is Chairman of the KPA Group, and Senior Research Fellow, Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, Technion, Israel.

ROBERT S. SWARZ, PHD, is Professor of Practice in the Systems Engineering program of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, USA.

AVIGDOR ZONNENSHAIN, PHD, is Senior Research Fellow at The Gordon Center for Systems Engineering and at the Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research Technion, Israel.