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Profit Maximization Techniques for Operating Chemical Plants

Lahiri, Sandip K.


1. Auflage Mai 2020
416 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-53215-6
John Wiley & Sons

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A systematic approach to profit optimization utilizing strategic solutions and methodologies for the chemical process industry

In the ongoing battle to reduce the cost of production and increase profit margin within the chemical process industry, leaders are searching for new ways to deploy profit optimization strategies. Profit Maximization Techniques For Operating Chemical Plants defines strategic planning and implementation techniques for managers, senior executives, and technical service consultants to help increase profit margins.

The book provides in-depth insight and practical tools to help readers find new and unique opportunities to implement profit optimization strategies. From identifying where the large profit improvement projects are to increasing plant capacity and pushing plant operations towards multiple constraints while maintaining continuous improvements--there is a plethora of information to help keep plant operations on budget.

The book also includes information on:

* Take away methods and techniques for identifying and exploiting potential areas to improve profit within the plant

* Focus on latest Artificial Intelligence based modeling, knowledge discovery and optimization strategies to maximize profit in running plant.

* Describes procedure to develop advance process monitoring and fault diagnosis in running plant

* Thoughts on engineering design , best practices and monitoring to sustain profit improvements

* Step-by-step guides to identifying, building, and deploying improvement applications For leaders and technologists in the industry who want to maximize profit margins, this text provides basic concepts, guidelines, and step-by-step guides specifically for the chemical plant sector.

Chapter 1

Concept of profit maximization

Chapter 2

Big picture of modern chemical industry

Chapter 3

Profit maximization project (PMP) implementation steps

Chapter 4

Strategy of profit maximization

Chapter 5

Key performance indicators and targets

Chapter 6

Assessment of current plant status

Chapter 7

Process modeling by artificial neural network

Chapter 8

Optimization of industrial processes and process equipment

Chapter 9

Process monitoring

Chapter 10

Fault diagnosis

Chapter 11

Optimization of existing distillation column

Chapter 12

New design methodology

Chapter 13

Genetic programing for modeling industrial reactor

Chapter 14

Maximum capacity test run and debottlenecking study

Chapter 15

Loss assessment

Chapter 16

Advance Process control

Chapter 17

150 ways and best practices to improve profit in running chemical plant
Sandip Kumar Lahiri, PhD, has over 26 years of experience in operation, process engineering and technical services for the leading petrochemical industries across the globe. He has carried out technical consultancy to leading Fortune 500 petrochemical plants across the globe as a technology advisor and is cited in World Who's Who as a significant contributor and achiever in the chemical industry. He has over 35 technical publications in leading international journals in chemical engineering covering subjects such as modelling and simulation, artificial intelligence, process design, optimization, fault diagnosis, CFD etc. He has authored two books on Applications of Metaheuristics in Process Engineering and Multivariable Predictive Control and holds a US patent on Online Fault Diagnosis in Chemical Plant. His interest includes refinery and petrochemical technology, applications of artificial intelligence in process industries, OPEX and CAPEX optimization, energy and water conservation, sustainable manufacturing, Industry 4.0, process safety and risk management; process design optimization, manufacturing excellence. He holds a position as Vice President, Technology at Haldia Petrochemical Ltd, India. Currently he is engaged with National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India as Associate Professor.