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Protein Kinases and Stress Signaling in Plants

Functional Genomic Perspective

Pandey, Girdhar K.


1. Auflage Januar 2021
560 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-54151-6
John Wiley & Sons

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A comprehensive review of stress signaling in plants using genomics and functional genomic approaches

Improving agricultural production and meeting the needs of a rapidly growing global population requires crop systems capable of overcoming environmental stresses. Understanding the role of different signaling components in plant stress regulation is vital to developing crops which can withstand abiotic and biotic stresses without loss of crop yield and productivity. Emphasizing genomics and functional genomic approaches, Protein Kinases and Stress Signaling in Plants is a comprehensive review of cutting-edge research on stress perception, signal transduction, and stress response generation.

Detailed chapters cover a broad range of topics central to improving agricultural production developing crop systems capable of overcoming environmental stresses to meet the needs of a rapidly growing global population. This book describes the field of protein kinases and stress signaling with a special emphasis on functional genomics. It presents a highly valuable contribution in the field of stress perception, signal transduction and generation of responses against one or multiple stress signals.

This timely resource:
* Summarizes the role of various kinases involved in stress management
* Enumerates the role of TOR, GSK3-like kinase, SnRK kinases in different physiological conditions
* Examines mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) in different stresses
* Describes the different aspects of calcium signaling under different stress conditions
* Examines photo-activated kinases (PAPKs) in varying light conditions
* Briefs the presence of tyrosine kinases in plants
* Highlights the cellular functions of receptor-like protein kinases (RLKs)
* Possible implication of these kinases in developing stress tolerant crops

Protein Kinases and Stress Signaling in Plants: Functional Genomic Perspective is an essential resource for researchers and students in the fields of plant molecular biology and signal transduction, plant responses to stress, plant cell signaling, plant protein kinases, plant biotechnology, transgenic plants and stress biology.

1 Two component mediated stress signaling in plants: a comparative profiling in monocots and dicots

"Priyanka Gupta Chhaya Yadav Deepti Singh Ramsong Chantre Nongpiur Ashwani Pareek" Sneh Lata Singla-Pareek

2 Lectin Receptor like Kinase: spy eye on environmental factors

Nishat Passricha "Shabnam K. Saifi Narendra Tuteja" Himani Negi

3 Photoactivated protein kinases in green algae and their functional role in abiotic stress

"Kumari Sushmita Manish Singh Kaushik Suneel Kateriya" Irina Sizova

4 Emerging role of plant GSK3/SHAGGY-like protein kinases in stress signaling pathways: A phylogenetic and functional genomic perspective

"Barkha Ravi Pooja Verma Girdhar K. Pandey"

5 Balancing growth and defense: Role of Target Of Rapamycin and SNF1-Related Protein Kinase 1 in stress signaling in plants

"Mohan Sharma Harshita B. Saksena Sunita Jindal Manvi Sharma Dhriti Singh Archna Tiwari Prakhar Awasthi Ashverya Laxmi" Muhammed Jamsheer K

6 SnRK2s: Part and parcel of ABA signaling in plants

"Suhas Balasaheb Karle Bhavya Nair Kundan Kumar"

7 Lipid Mediated Regulation of Protein Kinases

"Shatakshi Pandit Girish Mishra"

8 Balancing growth and defense: Role of Target Of Rapamycin and SNF1-Related Protein Kinase 1 in stress signaling in plants

"Jamshaid Hussain Gulnaz Bibi" Sarfraz Shafiq

9 Regulation of stress responses in plants by calcium dependent protein kinases

"Deepika Komal Vitthalrao Mali Amit Kumar Amarjeet Singh"

10 Calmodulin-binding kinases: Transducers of abiotic stress response in plants

"Supreet Singh Amardeep Singh Virdi Prabhjeet Singh"

11 Calcium/Calmodulin activated protein kinases in stress signaling in plants

"Tushar Khare Amrita Srivastav Vinay Kumar"

12 Role of CBL-Interacting Protein Kinases in Regulating Plant Stress Responses

"Pavithran Narayanan Sibaji K. Sanyal Girdhar K. Pandey"

13 Casein kinase2 and its dynamism in abiotic stress management

"Tanushree Agarwal Sudipta Ray"

14 Cyclin-dependent protein kinases in the control of cell cycle in plants

Hirofumi Harashima Masami Sekine

15 MAP Kinase as regulators for stress responses in plants: an overview

"Deepika Sharma Neetu Verma Chandana Pandey Deepanjali Verma Prakash Kumar Bhagat Stanzin Noryang Kirti Singh Sumaira Tayyeba Gopal Banerjee Alok Krishna Sinha"

16 A network view of MAP kinase pathways in plant defense regulation: what we have learned from genetic modification studies

Tim Xing Nora A. Foroud

17 Role of MAP kinase signaling in Xanthomonas pathogen-rice interaction

"Durga Bhavani Subhadeep Chatterjee"

18 Role of MAPK cascade in local and systemic immunity of plants

"Vishal Patil Ashis Kumar Nandi"

19 Role of plant kinases in combined stress

"Mahesh Patil Muthappa Senthil-Kumar"

20 Protein Tyrosine phosphorylation in plant: Role under stress responses

"Swati Mahiwal Sibaji K Sanyal Girdhar K Pandey"

21 Role of kinases for regulating K+ homeostasis under salt and drought stress conditions

Jayant Kulkarni Ashish K. Srivastava Suprasanna Penn

22 Plant Peroxisomal Protein Kinases Implicated in Stress-Related Responses

Amr R.A. Kataya Jianping Hu "Greg B. Moorhead Douglas G. Muench"
Girdhar K. Pandey is working as Professor in the Department of Plant Molecular Biology, Delhi University South Campus, New Delhi, India. He is the Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) and National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), India. His group's research interest is to understand the detail mechanistic interplay of calcium-mediated signal transduction networks in plants under mineral nutrient (potassium and calcium) deficiency and abiotic stresses.

G. K. Pandey, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi, India