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Psalms Through the Centuries, Volume 3

A Reception History Commentary on Psalms 73 - 151

Gillingham, Susan

Blackwell Bible Commentaries (Band Nr. 3)


1. Auflage Juli 2022
560 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-54225-4
John Wiley & Sons

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This third volume completes the set of a groundbreaking reception history of the Psalter, the culmination of two decades' work

In Volume Three of Psalms Through the Centuries: A Reception History Commentary on Psalms 73-151, the internationally recognized biblical scholar Professor Susan Gillingham examines the Jewish and Christian cultural and reception history of Books Three to Five of the Psalter. She examines the changing ways in which psalms have been understood in translations and commentaries, liturgy and prayer, study and preaching, music and art, poetic and dramatic performance, and political and ethical discourse.

Lavishly illustrated with thirty colour plates, several black and white images and a number of musical scores, this volume also includes a comprehensive glossary of terms for readers less familiar with the subject and a full, selective bibliography complete with footnote references for each psalm. Numerous links to website resources also allow readers to pursue topics at greater depth, and three clearly organized indices facilitate searches by specific psalms or authors, or types of reception for selected psalms.

This structure makes the commentary easy to use, whether for private study, teaching or preaching. The book also offers:
* A one-of-a-kind treatment of the reception history of the psalms that starts where most commentaries end-- beginning with the trajectory of the Psalter's multi-faceted reception over two millennia
* Specific discussions of both Jewish and Christian responses to individual psalms

Psalms Through the Centuries: A Reception History Commentary on Psalms 73-151, like the previous two volumes, will earn a distinctive place in the libraries of faculties, colleges, seminaries, and religious communities as well as in private collections of students and scholars of biblical studies, theology, and religion.

Illustrations xiii

Preface xix

Abbreviations xxv

Book Three: Psalms 73-89

Remembering, Human and Divine 1

Psalms 73-83: The Asaphite Collection: 'How Long, O Lord?' 3

Psalms 73-77: 'Has God Forgotten to be Gracious?' 4

Psalm 73: A Didactic Psalm about the Impious 5

Psalm 74: A Communal Lament about Ongoing Exile 9

Psalm 75: God's Abode is in Zion (i) 13

Psalm 76: God's Abode is in Zion (ii) 16

Psalm 77: An Individual Lament about Ongoing Exile 18

Psalms 78-83: 'Will You be Angry Forever?' 23

Psalm 78: A Didactic Psalm about God's Judgement on His People 24

Psalm 79: A Communal Lament about Ongoing Exile (i) 30

Psalm 80: A Communal Lament about Ongoing Exile (ii) 33

Psalm 81: God's Abode is in Zion (i) 38

Psalm 82: God's Abode is in Zion (ii) 42

Psalm 83: An Individual Lament about Ongoing Exile 47

Psalms 84-89: The Korahite Collection: 'Will God Remember Zion?' 50

Psalms 84-88: 'Restore us Again, O Lord!' 50

Psalm 84: Longing for the Temple 51

Psalm 85: Praying for National Deliverance 56

Psalm 86: In Memory of David 59

Psalm 87: God is King in Zion 62

Psalm 88: A Psalm of Complaint and Instruction 67

Psalm 89: Remembering the Covenant with David 72

Book Four: Psalms 90-106

Human Transience and the Everlasting God 79

Psalms 90-92: God as Refuge 82

Psalm 90: Lamenting Human Transience 82

Psalm 91: God's Promise of Protection 87

Psalm 92: A Thanksgiving Song for the Sabbath 94

Psalms 93-94, 95-100: God as King 99

Psalm 93: God's Kingship is for Ever 99

Psalm 94: God Will Come to Judge the Nations of the Earth 103

Psalm 95: God's People are Called upon to Acknowledge God as King 106

Psalm 96: 'Sing to the Lord a New Song' (i) 112

Psalm 97: God Reigns in Zion (i) 117

Psalm 98: 'Sing to the Lord a New Song' (ii) 119

Psalm 99: God Reigns in Zion (ii) 123

Psalm 100: The Whole Earth is Called upon to Acknowledge God as King 126

Psalms 101-103: God as Defender 131

Psalm 101: David: The Model Servant 131

Psalm 102: A Penitential Prayer of a Suffering Servant 133

Psalm 103: God's Compassion is Everlasting 138

Psalms 104-106: God as Creator and Redeemer 142

Psalm 104: A Hymn to God as Creator 142

Psalm 105: A Thanksgiving Song: God as Redeemer in

Israel's History (i) 150

Psalm 106: A Lament: God as Redeemer in Israel's History (ii) 154

Book Five: Psalms 107-151

Envisaging Restoration: The Divine Plan in History 159

Psalm 107: God as Redeemer in Israel's History (iii) 164

Psalms 108-110: A Trilogy of Psalms Concerning David 172

Psalm 108: A Composite Psalm of Remembrance 172

Psalm 109: Living with Abuse 177

Psalm 110: A Psalm about Abraham, David, the Messiah and Christ 182

Psalms 111-112: Two Acrostic Psalms 193

Psalm 111: An Acrostic Psalm Concerning the Righteousness of God 193

Psalm 112: An Acrostic Psalm Concerning Human Righteousness 197

Psalms 113-118: A Liturgical Collection (i) 202

Psalm 113: God Elevates the Poor 203

Psalm 114: A Passover Psalm 209

Psalm 115: A Liturgy: The Lifelessness of Idols and the Life-Giving God 217

Psalm 116: The Fate of the Dead and the Cup of Salvation 222

Psalm 117: Brief Praise with Abundant Implications 227

Psalm 118: A Psalm with Many Voices 231

Psalm 119: Reflections on the Formation of Character 241

Psalms 120-134: A Liturgical Collection (ii) 253

Psalms 120-124: Arrival at Zion 258

Psalm 120: A Song from the Diaspora 258

Psalm 121: A Song of Journeying 262

Psalm 122: A Song of Arrival 269

Psalm 123: A Song Praying for Mercy 276

Psalm 124: A Song about National Deliverance 281

Psalms 125-129: Blessings from Zion 286

Psalm 125: A Song about Restoration (i) 286

Psalm 126: A Song about Restoration (ii) 289

Psalm 127: A Song about Security in the Home (i) 295

Psalm 128: A Song about Security in the Home (ii) 300

Psalm 129: A Song about Restoration (iii) 304

Psalms 130-134: Departing from Zion 309

Psalm 130: A Song from the Depths: The Soul and God (i) 310

Psalm 131: A Song of Childlike Trust: The Soul and God (ii) 321

Psalm 132: A Song of the Temple and the Messiah 325

Psalm 133: 'Hinneh Ma Tov': A Song about Unity in Zion 331

Psalm 134: 'Hinneh Baraku': A Song of Blessing from Zion 337

Psalms 135-137: A Trilogy of Psalms Concerning Restoration 342

Psalm 135: Praise of the Uniqueness of the Lord 343

Psalm 136: Thanksgiving for the Kindness of the Lord 347

Psalm 137: To Sing or Not to Sing? Waiting for Justice from God 353

Psalms 138-145: A Final Davidic Psalter 371

Psalm 138: In Praise of God before Gods, Kings and Angels 372

Psalm 139: Knowing and Being Known by God 376

Psalm 140: Poisoned Tongues 385

Psalm 141: Guarding the Tongue. An Evening Prayer 388

Psalm 142: Prayer for Deliverance. Another Evening Prayer 392

Psalm 143: God's Righteousness and Human Unrighteousness 395

Psalm 144: Of Giants and Unicorns 400

Psalm 145: A Song of Praise at the Beginning of the End of the Psalter 405

Psalms 146-151: The End of the Psalter 412

Psalms 146-150: The Final Hallel 412

Psalm 146: Praise for God's Sovereignty and His Provision for All People 414

Psalm 147: Praise for God's Sovereignty and His Provision for Israel 418

Psalm 148: Praise Has Cosmic Implications 424

Psalm 149: Praise Has Political Implications 430

Psalm 150: Praise in Music 435

Psalm 151: Supernumerary: In Remembrance of David 448

Appendix: Psalms Numbering Table 454

Glossary of Terms 459

References 473

Index of Names 495

Psalms Index 505

Subject Index 510
The Revd. Canon Professor Susan Gillingham D.D. has worked at Oxford University for over forty years. She retired in 2019, but continues to teach and write extensively, and she is now a Senior Research Fellow at Worcester College, Professor Emeritus of the Hebrew Bible at the University of Oxford, and Director of the Oxford Psalms Network for the Oxford Research Centre in Humanities. She was ordained to the Permanent Diaconate in the Anglican Church in 2018, is licensed to St Barnabas Church, Oxford, and is also Canon Theologian at Exeter Cathedral.

S. Gillingham, Worcester College, Oxford, UK