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Series 7 Exam For Dummies

with Online Practice

Rice, Steven M.


4. Auflage Mai 2019
432 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-54504-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Maximize your score on the Series 7 Exam

The Series 7 exam is a top-off exam taken with the Securities Industry Essentials exam to obtain General Securities Representative registration. This comprehensive guide is the critical reference you need to lead you through your preparation for the Series 7 exam. Packed with the latest information associated with this test, as well as proven test-taking strategies that are focused on maximizing your score, it covers everything you need to know to score your highest on this all-important exam.

The Series 7 exam is no joke -- with 125 questions administered in three hours and 45 minutes, this test is certainly a challenge. But with the proper preparation you'll be able to enter the exam room with confidence.
* Offers three full-length practice tests with answers and full explanations
* Includes one-year access to six full-length tests online
* Provides strategies and tips to hone the skills needed to ace the exam
* Gives you confidence to start your career as a licensed broker

Series 7 Exam For Dummies, 4th Edition with Online Practice is a fundamental resource that guides you through your preparations for the Series 7 exam.

Introduction 1

Part 1 Gearing Up for the Series 7 Exam 5

Chapter 1 So You Want to Sell Securities Introducing the Series 7 Exam 7

Chapter 2 Preparing for the Series 7 Exam 19

Chapter 3 Examining and Mastering Question Types 31

Chapter 4 Surviving Test Day 43

Part 2 Mastering Basic Security Investments 49

Chapter 5 Underwriting Securities 51

Chapter 6 Corporate Ownership Equity Securities 65

Chapter 7 Debt Securities Corporate and U.S Government Loans 77

Chapter 8 Municipal Bonds Local Government Securities 99

Part 3 Delving Deeper into Security Investments 125

Chapter 9 Borrowing Money and Securities The Long and Short of Margin Accounts 127

Chapter 10 Delivering Diversification with Packaged Securities 145

Chapter 11 Working with Direct Participation Programs 169

Chapter 12 Options The Right to Buy or Sell at a Fixed Price 179

Part 4 Taking Care of Your Customers and Playing by the Rules 217

Chapter 13 Doing a Little Market Research Portfolio and Securities Analysis 219

Chapter 14 Going to Market Orders and Trades 237

Chapter 15 Making Sure the IRS Gets Its Share 253

Chapter 16 No Fooling Around Rules and Regulations 271

Part 5 A Couple Practice Exams 301

Chapter 17 Practice Exam 1 303

Chapter 18 Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam 1 323

Chapter 19 Practice Exam 2 343

Chapter 20 Answers and Explanations to Practice Exam 2 363

Part 6 The Part of Tens 381

Chapter 21 Ten Series 7 Exam Traps to Avoid 383

Chapter 22 Ten Ways to Start Your Career Off Right 387

Appendix Important Figures and Formulas 391

Index 393
Steven M. Rice earned an exceptionally high score on the Series 7 exam and soon began tutoring others in the broker dealership where he worked as a stockbroker. He developed and designed the online Empire Stockbroker Training Institute and has coauthored a complete library of securities training materials.