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Health and Safety in Emergency Management and Response

Stahl, Dana L.


1. Auflage Januar 2021
496 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-56097-5
John Wiley & Sons

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This book familiarizes personnel serving as Emergency Managers, Safety Officers, Assistant Safety Officers, and in other safety-relevant Incident Command System (ICS) roles with physical and psychosocial hazards and stressors that may impact the health and safety of workers and responders in an All-Hazards Response, and ways to minimize exposure. This book provides knowledge on regulations and worker safety practices to the Safety Officer with an emergency responder background, and provides the tools for the Safety Officer with an industrial hygiene or safety professional background that help them be successful in this role. In order to work together effectively, it is important that anyone responding to an emergency be familiar with all standards and protocols.



Chapter 1 Safety in Emergencies and Disasters

Chapter 2 Applicability of Safety Regulations in Emergency Response

Chapter 3 Types of Emergencies and Disasters, and Related Hazards

Chapter 4 Regulatory Requirements and Their Applicability in Emergency Response

Chapter 5 Safety Training For a Response

Chapter 6 Industrial Hygiene and Medical Monitoring

Chapter 7 Psychological Hazards Related to Emergency Response

Chapter 8 Safety Officer Duties During an Incident Response

Chapter 9 Assistant Safety Officers, Technical Specialists, and Other Safety Support Roles

Chapter 10 Integrating Safety into Emergency Planning

Chapter 11 Safety in Drills and Exercises

Chapter 12 Safety in Continuity of Operations
DANA L. STAHL, MS, CIH has more than twenty years of experience managing workplace safety and health programs in manufacturing and with local government. Currently, she is the Safety and Health Manager for The Seattle Public Library, a department of the City of Seattle. She is also an instructor with the Pacific Northwest OSHA Training Center, and has worked at the OSHA Training Center as a content manager with responsibility for updating and maintaining student manuals and curriculum. Previously, she worked as the Manager of Health, Safety and Emergency Management at the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority. She serves on the Public Employee's Panel to the Washington State Governor's Safety Advisory Board, The American Industrial Hygiene Association Incident Preparedness and Response Working Group (IPWRG), and spent five years on the board of the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (PNS-AIHA), including as the section's 2016 President.