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UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond

Zeng, Yong / Guvenc, Ismail / Zhang, Rui / Geraci, Giovanni / Matolak, David W. (Herausgeber)

Wiley - IEEE


1. Auflage Dezember 2020
464 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-57569-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Explore foundational and advanced issues in UAV cellular communications with this cutting-edge and timely new resource

UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond delivers a comprehensive overview of the potential applications, networking architectures, research findings, enabling technologies, experimental measurement results, and industry standardizations for UAV communications in cellular systems. The book covers both existing LTE infrastructure, as well as future 5G-and-beyond systems.

UAV Communications covers a range of topics that will be of interest to students and professionals alike. Issues of UAV detection and identification are discussed, as is the positioning of autonomous aerial vehicles. More fundamental subjects, like the necessary tradeoffs involved in UAV communication are examined in detail.

The distinguished editors offer readers an opportunity to improve their ability to plan and design for the near-future, explosive growth in the number of UAVs, as well as the correspondingly demanding systems that come with them. Readers will learn about a wide variety of timely and practical UAV topics, like:
* Performance measurement for aerial vehicles over cellular networks, particularly with respect to existing LTE performance
* Inter-cell interference coordination with drones
* Massive multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) for Cellular UAV communications, including beamforming, null-steering, and the performance of forward-link C&C channels
* 3GPP standardization for cellular-supported UAVs, including UAV traffic requirements, channel modeling, and interference challenges
* Trajectory optimization for UAV communications

Perfect for professional engineers and researchers working in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, UAV Communications for 5G and Beyond also belongs on the bookshelves of students in masters and PhD programs studying the integration of UAVs into cellular communication systems.

Part I: Fundamentals of UAV Communications

Chapter 1: Overview (Qingqing Wu, Yong Zeng and Rui Zhang)

Chapter 2: A Survey of Air-to-Ground Propagation Channel Modeling for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Guvenc, Khawaja, Matolak;)

Chapter 3: UAV Detection and Identification (Guvenc, Matolak;)

Part II: Cellular-Connected UAV Communications

Chapter 4: Performance Analysis for Cellular-Connected UAVs (Sofie Pollin, et al.)

Chapter 5: Performance Enhancements for LTE-Connected UAVs: Experiments and Simulations (Jeroen Wigard, Istvan Kovacs et al.)

Chapter 6: 3GPP Standardization for Cellular-Supported UAVs (Helka-Liina Määttänen, et al.)

Chapter 7: Enhanced Cellular Support for UAVs with Massive MIMO (Giovanni Geraci, Adrian Garcia-Rodriguez, Lorenzo Galati Giordano, and David Lopez-Perez;)

Chapter 8: High-Capacity Millimeter Wave UAV Communications (Nuria González Prelcic, Robert Heath)

Part III: UAV-Assisted Wireless Communications

Chapter 9: Stochastic Geometry-based Performance Analysis of Drone Cellular Networks (V. V. Chetlur and H. S. Dhillon)

Chapter 10: UAV Placement and Aerial-Ground Interference Coordination (Guvenc, Kumbhar;)

Chapter 11: Joint Trajectory and Resource Optimization (Yong Zeng, Qingqing Wu, and Rui Zhang;)

Chapter 12: Energy-Efficient UAV Communications (Yong Zeng and Rui Zhang;)

Chapter 13: Fundamental Tradeoffs for UAV Communications (Qingqing Wu, Liang Liu, Yong Zeng, and Rui Zhang)

Chapter 14: UAV-Cellular Spectrum Sharing (Wei Zhang;)

Part IV: Other Advanced Technologies for UAV Communications

Chapter 15: NOMA for UAV Communications (Yuanwei Liu, et al.)

Chapter 16: Physical Layer Security for UAV Communications (N. Rupasinghe, Y. Yapici, I. Guvenc)

Chapter 17: UAV-enabled Wireless Power Transfer (Jie Xu et al.)

Chapter 18: Ad hoc Networks in the Sky (Kamesh and Helka;)
Yong Zeng is a Professor at the National Mobile Communications Research Laboratory, Southeast University, China, and also with the Purple Mountain Laboratories, Nanjing, China. He is recognized as a Highly Cited Researcher by Web of Science Group. He is the recipient of IEEE Communications Society Asia-Pacific Outstanding Young Researcher Award and IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award in Wireless Communications.

Ismail Guvenc is a Professor at North Carolina State University in the United States. He formerly worked with DOCOMO Innovations, Florida International University, and Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs. His recent research interests include 5G/6G wireless systems, aerial communications for UTM/AAM, and mmWave communications.

Rui Zhang is a Professor with the National University of Singapore. His current research interests include wireless information and power transfer, drone communication, and reconfigurable MIMO.

Giovanni Geraci is an Assistant Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. He was previously with Nokia Bell Labs and holds a Ph.D. from UNSW Sydney. He is a "la Caixa" Junior Leader and a "Ramón y Cajal" Fellow, and the recipient of the IEEE ComSoc Europe, Middle East, and Africa Outstanding Young Researcher Award.

David W. Matolak is Professor at the University of South Carolina in the United States. He has over 20 years of experience in communication systems research, development, design, and deployment. He has worked with private firms, government institutions, and academic labs.