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QuickBooks 2020 All-in-One For Dummies

Nelson, Stephen L.


1. Auflage Februar 2020
640 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-58980-8
John Wiley & Sons

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The quickest way to do the books for small business owners and managers

No one looks forward to doing the finances: that's why QuickBooks 2020 All-in-One For Dummies is on hand to help get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. This comprehensive one-stop reference combines 8 mini-books in one, all written in plain and simple language that makes it easy for even the most accounts-averse to get the most out of the latest version of the QuickBooks software and save time.

Written and revised by financial expert Stephen Nelson, the latest version of this invaluable guide takes readers step-by-step through every aspect of small business accounting procedures, including understanding the fundamentals of double-entry bookkeeping, setting up and administering the QuickBooks system, and carrying out complex tasks such as ratio analysis and capital budgeting.
* Write a business plan and create a forecast
* Learn how to use profit-volume-cost analysis tools
* Prepare financial statements and reports
* Protect your financial data

Time is money--get this time-saving resource today and start reaping the rewards!

Introduction 1

Book 1: An Accounting Primer 7

Chapter 1: Principles of Accounting 9

Chapter 2: Double-Entry Bookkeeping 29

Chapter 3: Special Accounting Problems 49

Book 2: Getting Ready to Use QuickBooks 71

Chapter 1: Setting Up QuickBooks 73

Chapter 2: Loading the Master File Lists 93

Chapter 3: Fine-Tuning QuickBooks 117

Book 3: Bookkeeping Chores 149

Chapter 1: Invoicing Customers 151

Chapter 2: Paying Vendors 185

Chapter 3: Tracking Inventory and Items 205

Chapter 4: Managing Cash and Bank Accounts 235

Chapter 5: Paying Employees 267

Book 4: Accounting Chores 279

Chapter 1: For Accountants Only 281

Chapter 2: Preparing Financial Statements and Reports 297

Chapter 3: Preparing a Budget 319

Chapter 4: Using Activity-Based Costing 331

Chapter 5: Setting Up Project and Job Costing Systems 347

Book 5: Financial Management 359

Chapter 1: Ratio Analysis 361

Chapter 2: Economic Value Added Analysis 379

Chapter 3: Capital Budgeting in a Nutshell 393

Book 6: Business Plans 409

Chapter 1: Profit-Volume-Cost Analysis 411

Chapter 2: Creating a Business Plan Forecast 431

Chapter 3: Writing a Business Plan 469

Book 7: Care and Maintenance 483

Chapter 1: Administering QuickBooks 485

Chapter 2: Protecting Your Data 503

Chapter 3: Troubleshooting 521

Book 8: Appendixes 527

Appendix A: A Crash Course in Excel 529

Appendix B: Government Web Resources for Businesses 545

Appendix C: Glossary of Accounting and Financial Terms 563

Index 593
Stephen L. Nelson, MBA, CPA, provides accounting, business advisory, and tax planning and preparation services to small businesses. He has written more than 100 books explaining how to use computer software to manage personal and business finances.