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Kelly Vana's Nursing Leadership and Management

Kelly Vana, Patricia / Tazbir, Janice (Herausgeber)


4. Auflage April 2021
864 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-59661-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Nursing Leadership & Management, Fourth Edition provides a comprehensive look at the knowledge and skills required to lead and manage at every level of nursing, emphasizing the crucial role nurses play in patient safety and the delivery of quality health care. Presented in three units, readers are introduced to a conceptual framework that highlights nursing leadership and management responsibilities for patient-centered care delivery to the patient, to the community, to the agency, and to the self.

This valuable new edition:
* Includes new and up-to-date information from national and state health care and nursing organizations, as well as new chapters on the historical context of nursing leadership and management and the organization of patient care in high reliability health care organizations
* Explores each of the six Quality and Safety in Nursing (QSEN) competencies: Patient-Centered Care, Teamwork and Collaboration, Evidence-based Practice (EBP), Quality Improvement (QI), Safety, and Informatics
* Provides review questions for all chapters to help students prepare for course exams and NCLEX state board exams
* Features contributions from experts in the field, with perspectives from bedside nurses, faculty, directors of nursing, nursing historians, physicians, lawyers, psychologists and more

Nursing Leadership & Management, Fourth Edition provides a strong foundation for evidence-based, high-quality health care for undergraduate nursing students, working nurses, managers, educators, and clinical specialists.

Contributors xxi

former contributors to the third edition xxxi

Preface xxxix

Foreword xlvii

How to use this book xlix

About the editors li

Acknowledgments lv

About the Companion Website lvii

Unit 1: Kelly's Nursing Leadership and Management 1

1 Kelly's Nursing Leadership, Management, and Motivation 1

2 The Health Care Environment 29

3 Nursing Leadership and Management in a Historical Context 66

4 Organization of Patient Care in High Reliability Care Organizations 86

5 Organization and Staffing of Patient Care at the Unit Level 120

6 Health Care Economics 157

7 Hospital Department and Unit Budgets 184

Unit 2: Leadership and Management of Patient-Centered Care 206

8 Patient-Centered Care 206

9 Patient and Health Care Education 230

10 Patient Outcomes and Evidence-Based Health Care 261

11 Searching for the Evidence 280

12 Quality Improvement of Patient Care 303

13 Improving Quality at the Bedside 328

14 Safety: Patient and Health Care Team 348

15 Nursing Informatics 374

Unit 3: Nursing and the Interprofessional Team 411

16 Interprofessional Teamwork and Collaboration 411

17 Members of the Interprofessional Team 441

18 Delegation, Assignment, and Supervision of Patient Care 456

19 Time Management and Setting Patient Care Priorities 490

20 Change, Clinical Decision Making and Innovation 511

21 Power and Politics 535

22 Legal Aspects of Nursing 566

23 Ethical Aspects of Nursing 587

24 Culture, Generational Differences, and Spirituality 605

Unit 4: Leadership and Management of Self and the Future 640

25 NCLEX-RN Preparation 640

26 Entry into the Profession: Your First Job 668

27 Career Planning and Professional Development 695

28 Balancing a Healthy Personal and Professional Life 722

29 Nursing Career Opportunities 734

Appendix 1 754

Appendix 2 770

Appendix 3 772

Appendix 4 774

Appendix 5 776

Appendix 6 778

Glossary 780

Index 791
Patricia Kelly Vana is Professor Emerita, Purdue University Northwest, Hammond, Indiana, where she served as Program Coordinator for an Undergraduate Nursing Program. She has taught Quality Improvement conferences for The Joint Commission and was the Director of Quality Improvement at the University of Chicago Medicine. Pat currently travels nationally teaching three-day NCLEX-RN reviews for Evolve Testing & Remediation/Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI), Houston, Texas.

Janice Tazbir is a nurse at the University of Chicago Medicine in critical care and has been for 32 years. She consults for Anderson Continuing Education, teaches HESI Live Reviews and was a Professor of Nursing at Purdue University Northwest in Hammond, Indiana, for 22 years, where she served in many roles including Undergraduate Coordinator and the founding Director of The Center for Instructional Excellence.