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Bulleit Proof

How I Took a 150-Year-Old Family Recipe and a Revolver, and Disrupted the Entire Liquor Industry One Bottle, One Sip, One Handshake at a Time

Bulleit, Tom / Eisenstock, Alan


1. Auflage Mai 2020
240 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-59773-5
John Wiley & Sons

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The compelling story of how one man took a 150-year-old family recipe and disrupted the entire liquor industry one sip, one bottle, one handshake at a time

Tom Bulleit stood on a stage before a thousand people inside a tent the size of a big-top. It was both his thirtieth wedding anniversary and his birthday. But there was another thing to celebrate: the dedication of the new Bulleit Distillery in Shelbyville, Kentucky. His great-great-grandfather, Augustus, created his first batch of Bulleit Bourbon around 1830. A century and a half later, Tom fulfilled his lifelong dream, revived the old family bourbon recipe, and started Bulleit Distilling Company. Eventually, Tom was named a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, and elected to the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame. Thinking back on all his achievements, Tom was overcome by a wave of emotion. He looked into the sea of faces and said, "I don't believe our lives are told in years. . . or months. . . or weeks. I believe we live our lives in moments."

Tom's book Bulleit Proof is just that--a life told in moments. Moments of joy, triumph, hardship, persistence, and success. His is a story of survival: in war, in business, in life. Tom faced death twice: in a foxhole and in a cancer ward. In Bulleit Proof, Tom reveals all, pulls no punches, and lets you into his heart. In this book, you will:
* Share Tom's personal story, including his loves, losses, and struggles
* Learn the history of one of America's most beloved and awarded brands
* Draw inspiration from the persistence and dedication Tom has shown throughout his life
* Explore how Bulleit Bourbon changed the liquor industry forever

Bulleit Proof is a fast-paced page-turner--not only for fans of Bulleit Bourbon and admirers of Tom, but for anyone who loves an emotional, hilarious, inspirational, and deeply honest story.

1. One Sip 1

2. The Promise 7

3. War 15

4. The Start-Up 25

5. My Old Soldier 33

6. Family Business 45

7. Steambath 65

8. Maniacal Patience 79

9. The New Frontier 93

10. The 12 Apostles 109

11. Bourbon in My Blood 125

12. "It Was the Drugs, Tom" 141

13. Revolver 177

14. Vows 189

15. Finally 199

Bulleit Points 201

Acknowledgments 207

About the Author 209

Index 211
Tom Bulleit is the founder of Bulleit Distilling Company. In 1987, Tom fulfilled his lifelong dream and revived an old family bourbon recipe and started Bulleit Distilling Company. Continuing the legacy and success of Bulleit Bourbon, Tom launched Bulleit Rye American Whiskey in 2011 and Bulleit 10-Year in 2013. In 2016, Bulleit Barrel Strength was added to the family of award-winning whiskeys. In September 2014, the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience at Stitzel-Weller opened and was announced as the newest stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. In 2006, Tom was named a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, the highest accolade a Kentucky citizen can receive and in 2009, Tom was elected to the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame.

Alan Eisenstock is an award-winning and New York Times bestselling author. Alan has written fifteen books, including Hang Time, the memoir of NBA legend Elgin Baylor, and the acclaimed nonfiction narrative RAIDERS!.