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Environmental Engineering

Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design

Mihelcic, James R. / Zimmerman, Julie B.


3. Auflage August 2021
736 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-60445-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Environmental Engineering, 3rd Edition, is a balanced and up-to-date presentation of the core concepts of sustainable design -- providing a mass-and-energy approach to the biology and chemistry of the environment while emphasizing the development of innovative and resilient solutions to environmental challenges. Clear and engaging chapters, written by leaders in their respective areas of expertise, cover environmental risk and measurements, physical processes, water resources, air-quality engineering, solid-waste management, and many more critical topics.

Now in its third edition, this comprehensive textbook offers up-to-date perspectives on recent regulatory and policy issues relevant to sustainable development, explores innovative engineering solutions to global problems, and discusses emerging topics such as green chemistry, biomimicry, and life cycle thinking. Throughout this new edition, classroom-proven pedagogical tools develop students' design skills and strengthen their understanding of fundamental principles. Now offered in enhanced ePub format, Environmental Engineering is an invaluable resource for students seeking to design solutions that meet current and future sustainability challenges.

Chapter One Sustainable Design, Engineering, and Innovation 1

Chapter Two Environmental Measurements 45

Chapter Three Chemistry 79

Chapter Four Physical Processes 129

Chapter Five Biology 196

Chapter Six Environmental Risk 260

Chapter Seven Water: Quantity and Quality 308

Chapter Eight Water Treatment 389

Chapter Nine Wastewater and Stormwater: Collection, Treatment, Resource Recovery 457

Chapter Ten Solid-Waste Management 541

Chapter Eleven Air Quality Engineering 596

Periodic table of the elements 679

Answers to Selected Problems 680

Index 690Index 690Chapter One Sustainable Design,Engineering, and Innovation 1Chapter Two EnvironmentalMeasurements 45Chapter Three Chemistry 79Chapter Four Physical Processes 129Chapter Five Biology 196Chapter Six Environmental Risk 260Chapter Seven Water: Quantity andQuality 308Chapter Eight Water Treatment 389Chapter Nine Wastewater andStormwater: Collection, Treatment,Resource Recovery 457Chapter Ten Solid-WasteManagement 541Chapter Eleven Air QualityEngineering 596Periodic table of the elements 679Answers to Selected Problems 680Index 690