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The Power of Making Thinking Visible

Practices to Engage and Empower All Learners

Ritchhart, Ron / Church, Mark


1. Auflage Juni 2020
272 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-62604-6
John Wiley & Sons

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The long-awaited follow-up to Making Thinking Visible, provides new thinking routines, original research, and unique global case studies

Visible Thinking--a research-based approach developed at Harvard's Project Zero - prompts and promotes students' thinking. This approach has been shown to positively impact student engagement, learning, and development as thinkers. Visible Thinking involves using thinking routines, documentation, and effective questioning and listening techniques to enhance learning and collaboration in any learning environment. The Power of Making Thinking Visible explains how educators can effectively use thinking routines and other tools to engage and empower students as learners and transform classrooms into places of deep learning.

Building on the success of the bestselling Making Thinking Visible, this highly-anticipated new book expands the work of the original by providing 18 new thinking routines based on new research and work with teachers and students around the world. Original content explains how to use thinking routines to maximum effect in the classroom, engage students exploration of big ideas, link thinking routines to formative assessment, and more. Providing new research, new global case studies, and new practices, this book:
* Focuses on the power that thinking routines can bring to learning
* Provides practical insights on using thinking routines to facilitate student engagement
* Highlights the most effective techniques for using thinking routines in the classroom
* Identifies the skillsets and mindsets needed to truly make thinking visible
* Features actionable classroom strategies that can be applied across grade levels and content areas

Written by researchers from Harvard's Project Zero, The Power of Making Thinking Visible: Using Routines to Engage and Empower Learners is an indispensable resource for K-12 educators and curriculum designers, higher education instructional designers and educators, and professional learning course developers.

List of Figures ix

Acknowledgments xi

About the Authors xv

Introduction xvii

Part One Laying the Foundation for Power 1

One Six Powers of Making Thinking Visible 3

Fostering Deep Learning 6

Cultivating Engaged Students 7

Changing the Role of the Student and Teacher 9

Enhancing Our Formative Assessment Practice 11

Improving Learning (Even When Measured by Standardized Tests) 13

Developing Thinking Dispositions 17

Conclusion 19

Two Making Thinking Visible: A Goal and Set of Practices 21

Making Thinking Visible as a Goal of Teaching 23

Making Thinking Visible as a Set of Practices 24

Organizing Thinking Routines 33

Part Two Eighteen Powerful Routines 37

Three Routines for Engaging with Others 39

Give One Get One 42

Ladder of Feedback 50

The Leaderless Discussion 59

SAIL: Share-Ask-Ideas-Learned 67

Making Meaning 76

+1 Routine 86

Four Routines for Engaging with Ideas 95

Question Sorts 98

Peeling the Fruit 107

The Story Routine: Main-Side-Hidden 117

Beauty & Truth 124

NDA 132

Take Note 140

Five Routines for Engaging in Action 147

PG&E: Predict-Gather-Explain 150

ESP+I 158

Be-Sure-To 166

What? So What? Now What? 174

The 3 Y's 182

The 4 If 's 190

Part Three Realizing the Power 199

Six Using Thinking Routines for Maximum Effect 201

Planning for Thinking 204

Being Primed for Thinking 211

Pressing for Thinking 215

Positioning for Thinking 219

Seven Learning to Support One Another as We Make Thinking Visible 223

Beyond the Toolset: Developing Our Skills at Using the Tools 226

Beyond the Skill Set: The Mindsets That Motivate Action 231

Supports for Developing Skill Sets and Mindsets 233

In Conclusion 239

References 241

Index 245
"The authors offer a powerful vision of learning wedded to a clear and actionable framework. But, best of all, they bring the nuts and bolts of teaching to life with dozens of pictures of practices drawn from teachers and learners around the world." --David Perkins, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"It is a rare thing to find a book so beautifully accessible to the classroom teacher while simultaneously engaging the reader in discussions of the theoretical and research basis behind the practice. I can't wait to share this powerful resource with teachers - it is a must have in the professional library of the contemporary educator." --Kath Murdoch, International Education Consultant, Author of The Power of Inquiry.

"In The Power of Making Thinking Visible, Ron Ritchhart and Mark Church illuminate how teachers can deepen learning by igniting student curiosity and engagement. It is a must read for educators across every grade level and subject area. The helpful advice and research-tested practices shared in this book truly have the power to transform schools and classrooms." --Madeleine Hewitt, Executive Director, Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools

"Building on decades of research at Harvard Project Zero, Ritchhart and Church illuminate what engaged, deeper learning can look like, while offering an invaluable set of practices to help educators get there." --Jal Mehta, Professor Harvard Graduate School of Education, Co-Author of In Search of Deeper Learning

"Ritchhart and Church's energizing new volume strengthens the case for the idea that thinking is the engine of learning. Teachers and leaders alike will appreciate the book's winning combination of readability, utility, and provocation." --Sarah Fine, Director, Teaching Apprenticeship Program, High Tech High Graduate School of Education, coauthor of In Search of Deeper Learning: The Question to Remake the American High School

"Do you want to teach with an understanding of the research, and heaps of tools you can put to work from the first page-turn? The Power of Making Thinking Visible is just that. Simplicity without simplification." --Ewan McIntosh, founder of NoTosh and government advisor
RON RITCHHART is a Senior Research Associate at Harvard Project Zero and Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His current research focuses on developing intellectual character, making thinking visible, and promoting deep learning.

MARK CHURCH has been an educator for over twenty years and has particular interest in helping teachers and school leaders think deeply about their efforts to cultivate thinking and learning opportunities for students.

Ron Ritchhart and Mark Church (with Karin Morrison) are the coauthors of Making Thinking Visible.

R. Ritchhart, Harvard Project Zero