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Money Minded Families

How to Raise Financially Well Children

Mackara, Stephanie W.


1. Auflage Mai 2020
160 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-63590-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Teach your children to make sound financial decisions. Prepare them to use their money wisely and with a purpose

Money issues challenge every family, no matter their background. That's why Money Minded Families: How to Raise Financially Well Children offers advice on how every adult and child can be "financially well." The book explores how we can align our individual values with finances, while planning for a more secure financial future. It looks at how we can save, spend, share, and invest with a purpose. The author supplies financial basics for families and direction on creating a family mission statement, in order to help drive mindful financial choices.

With the help of this book's holistic financial guidance, families can take steps to live their best financial lives, rather than simply getting by. Readers will find advice on:
* Practicing financial mindfulness
* Understanding the current financial landscape
* Spending with a focus on personal values
* Understanding key financial concepts
* Engaging in healthy financial socialization
* Becoming financially independent

Today's financial environment sets up unique challenges, including concerns over Social Security, sky-high college costs, and debt. Kids are more likely to make their buying decisions online rather than in stores. It's important that children's knowledge about money begins in the home. When parents actively teach their kids about money, it can contribute to their chances of future financial success.

Within Money Minded Families, parents will find tools for evaluating and improving their own financial wellness. They can also teach their children about positive financial health using the book's activities, which are organized by age.


Chapter 1 Background: A Little Bit of "Retirement" History

Chapter 2 Current State of Retirement

Chapter 3 Financial Socialization: Creating Spending, Budgeting and Saving Habits

Chapter 4 Our Money Personalities

Chapter 5 Gaining a Healthy Perspective on Money

Chapter 6 Your Baseline Values and Goals

Chapter 7 The Principles of Money Management : Save

Chapter 8 The Principles of Money Management Spend

Chapter 9 The Principles of Money Management: Share

Chapter 10 The Principles of Money Management: Invest

Chapter 11 Bucket Approach

Chapter 12 What "good" Financial Professionals Do

Chapter 13 Last Thoughts

Chapter 14 Family Mission Statement Chapter 15 Let's Recap
STEPHANIE W. MACKARA is the owner of Charleston Investment Advisors, LLC, a financial planning and investment management firm that helps families and businesses secure strong financial futures. Stephanie has over two decades of experience in financial services and an academic background in both psychology and law. She is an expert contributor to several national magazines and newspapers and speaks at financial conferences across the United States.