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Walk Off Winning

A Game Plan for Leading Your Team and Organization to Success

Trimper, Steve


1. Auflage März 2020
272 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-65220-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Become a doer. Motivation and strategies from a top figure in sports leadership

There are many books available on the topic of leadership, but none quite like this one. Walk Off Winning: A Game Plan for Leading Your Team and Organization to Success is the work of Steve Trimper--a college baseball coach who shares what he has learned about business through his extensive leadership experience in high-level sports. In addition to reflecting on his own failures and successes, Trimper interviews leadership experts to distill a wealth of wisdom into this valuable book.

Inside, you'll read about the key principles of team building, culture, and organization building. If you are looking for a way to enhance your leadership, whether you lead a team of one or an entire organization, Walk Off Winning is for you. This book will give you the motivation and strategies to "become a doer." Anyone involved in leadership, sports management, or the general business world will benefit from the inspirational anecdotes and honest advice in this much sought-after guide for leaders of all kinds.
* Discover the key principles of team building that apply in every organization and setting
* Gain the motivation you need to stop waiting around for success and "become a doer"
* Learn from the real-world successes and failures of a top leader in high-level sports
* Get inspired to take an honest look at your opportunities for leadership growth

From the sports field to the business office, good leadership in any arena shares a single, universal foundation. If you want to achieve your dreams, you'll have to learn to Walk Off Winning.

Foreword xvii

Introduction xxi

Less Inside Baseball, More Inside Leadership xxii

Learning from Coaches, Mentors, and Other Great Leaders xxiv

Chapter 1 You Need Values, But Keep Them Simple 1

The Flowchart of True Success 2

Be Selective When Establishing Values 3

Improve What You Already Have 5

Chapter 2 Never Underestimate the Power of Giving 11

Create a Foundation for Success 11

A Gift of Giving Might Be Right Under Your Nose 15

Giving Leads to Loyalty 17

Chapter 3 Attitude and the Power of the Handshake 21

Attitude is Highly Contagious 22

Sharing Attitude by Means of a Handshake 23

Change Your Thought Process to One of Positivity 25

You Choose Your Attitude 26

Be a Grinder, and Deal with Setbacks 29

Fight through the "Muck" 29

Chapter 4 The Communicator Wins 33

The First and Best Form of Communication 33

Become Comfortable Communicating in Person 35

We All Love a Good Storyteller 36

Communication Pays Off 38

The Power of a Personality 43

Charisma 44

Don't Dominate the Conversation 45

Chapter 5 I Always Got Hits Because My Shoelaces Were Tucked In 47

Follow Planned Routines 48

Wasting Time on What You Can't Influence 49

Control the Controllables 50

It's Fun to Be a "Little Stitious" 51

Chapter 6 Leaders Lead the Way 55

John and His New Boss 55

Dictator Leadership 61

Servant Leadership 63

Empowerment Leadership 64

Relying on Both Forms of Leadership 66

Chapter 7 Are You a Brick with Mortar? 69

True Toughness 70

Learn to Compete 71

Bricks and Mortar 74

Learn to "Pivot" with Your Mortar 76

Chapter 8 The Value of Real Energy 79

Real versus Fake Energy 80

Don't Give Up and Don't Be a Lake 82

Optimistic or Embellishment? 85

Chapter 9 Good Impressions 89

"Surround Yourself with Good People" 90

Be on the Lookout for Values 91

Learn from Communicating 93

30 Seconds 94

"Recruit Ready" 96

You Need a Personality 98

Chapter 10 White-Tailed Deer and Career Progression 103

Ready to Change the World 104

Take Your Time--You Don't Know It All Just Yet 106

The Beauty and Life of a White-Tailed Deer 107

You Pick, and Mentor, Your Team 112

Chapter 11 Fall Forward When You Fail--and You're Gonna Fail! 117

In and Out of Your Control 118

People Want You to Fail 120

Fail and Move Forward 121

Be Responsible and Positive in Times of Failure 123

Chapter 12 Keep Chopping Wood: Pressure versus Preparation 127

Relationships Lead to Wins 128

The Alfond Way 129

"Keep Chopping Wood" 131

"Sharpen Your Axe" 134

With the Right Mindset, You are Capable of Anything 138

Tackle Crisis Management Head On 140

Chapter 13 Ego: You Better Have One 143

Crank Up Your Ego--Sometimes 145

Think Big 147

Circle the Wagons 149

Invest in Values 149

Build the Team's Confidence 153

Tone People Down, Not Up 154

Stubbornness Can Be a Good Trait 155

Chapter 14 The Art of Decompression 159

Recharge Your Batteries 160

You've Earned a Break 161

Hone Your Focus Skill 162

Lock In 164

Burn Those Lines in the Grass 166

Find Something You're Good at and Use It as Your Outlet 167

Chapter 15 Winners versus Losers 169

Team versus Program 170

True Toughness 171

Winners and Losers 173

Compete, Compete, Compete 175

Chapter 16 The 5 Percent Rule 179

Be Better Every Day 180

The Power of a Group 181

Focus on Small Efforts for Long-Term Success 184

Be Great at Little Things 185

Chapter 17 Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda: Get Rid of It 187

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda and the "Negative Nellie" 188

Move People in the Same Direction 189

Neutralizing the Negative Nellie 194

"There is No 'I' in T-E-A-M" 194

Chapter 18 Be a Doer, Not a Talker 199

We "Do" Our Wedding Vows, Not Just "Say" Them 200

Don't Just Talk the Talk 202

How I Learned to "Do" 202

Invest in Relationships 206

Nike: "Just Do It" 208

Chapter 19 True Success 211

1. Surround Yourself with Good People, and Good Things Happen 213

2. Relationships: Work at It 215

3. Trust 218

4. Loyalty, the Final Path to Success 220

True Success Isn't About Money, Possessions, or Fame 221

The Puzzle Changes 222

Afterword 225

Acknowledgments 229

About the Author 235

Index 237
STEVE TRIMPER is a college baseball coach and sought-after motivational speaker. He has over 20 years of experience as a Division I college baseball head coach. In 2017, he became the head coach for the Stetson Hatters, a top-25 team in the division. He led the 2018 Hatters to their best season in history, with 18 consecutive wins and a top 10 final ranking. Steve has been selected as Coach of the Year three times.