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Smart Nanotextiles

Wearable and Technical Applications

Yilmaz, Nazire Deniz (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Juli 2022
464 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-65478-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Smart Nanotextiles Wearable and Technical Applications

This groundbreaking book comprehensively reviews the utilization of smart nanotextiles in various application areas by referring to requirements specific to various application fields, sharing the findings of some of the latest research efforts and state-of-art smart nanotextiles technologies, as well as providing insights relating to challenges and opportunities facing current and future smart nanotextiles.

This book covers the emerging and exciting field of nanotextiles and their many applications. Smart nanotextiles form a novel group of materials that are utilized/can be utilized in an array of application areas, such as biomedicine (health monitoring, controlled drug release; wound care, and regenerative medicine), communication, sports, fashion, energy harvesting, protection, filtration, civil and geotechnical engineering, transportation, and so on, including wearable and technical fields.

Whereas textiles provide a convenient platform for smart functionality, nanotechnology assures that the favorable characteristics of the textile structure are not impaired by the smart functioning components. Furthermore, based on the superior characteristics of nanostructured components in comparison to macromaterials and micromaterials, nanomaterials provide augmented smart functionality. However, despite the immense research efforts that have been devoted to smart nanotextiles, most of them have not yet transcended the commercialization stage due to high cost, difficulty in large-scale production, low reliability, and potential detrimental effects of nanomaterials on human health and the environment.

The 12 chapters comprising this book are all written by subject-matter experts from around the world and discuss the next-generation products along with their challenges and opportunities.


Researchers, technologists, industrial engineers, and postgraduate students in the fields of textiles, intelligent materials, electronics, sensors, actuators, biomedicine, fashion, filtration, transportation, civil engineering, environmental engineering, communication, sports performance, and materials science, who have an interest in smart materials, nanotechnology and wearables.

Nazire Yilmaz obtained her PhD degree in Textile Technology Management program from North Carolina State University (NCSU), USA where she has also worked as a teaching assistant. Currently, she is an associate professor in the Textile Engineering Department at Usak University in Turkey. She has published more than 30 research papers in peer-reviewed journals, 13 book chapters, and eight conference papers, and holds a patent. She is the editor of Smart Textiles: Wearable Nanotechnology (Wiley-Scrivener, 2018).