John Wiley & Sons Wiley CIA Exam Review 2020 Focus Notes, Part 2 Cover Reinforce, review, recap?anywhere you like. Study for Part 2 of the CIA Exam no matter where you are.. Product #: 978-1-119-66720-9 Regular price: $35.14 $35.14 Auf Lager

Wiley CIA Exam Review 2020 Focus Notes, Part 2

Practice of Internal Auditing

Vallabhaneni, S. Rao


1. Auflage Januar 2020
704 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-66720-9
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Reinforce, review, recap?anywhere you like. Study for Part 2 of the CIA Exam no matter where you are, with each of the three Focus Notes volumes. Wiley CIA Exam Review 2020 Focus Notes reviews important strategies, basic skills, and concepts?so you can pass the CIA Exam on your first try. Its portable, spiral-bound, flashcard format helps you study on the go with hundreds of outlines, summarized concepts, and techniques designed to hone your CIA Exam knowledge.

Preface ix

CIA Exam Content Syllabus and Specifications xi

CIA Exam-Taking Tips xviii

Professional Standards 1

Performance Standards 2

Domain 1: Managing the Internal Audit Activity (20%) 26

Internal Audit Operations 27

Risk-Based Internal Audit Plan 39

Assurance Engagements 51

Consulting Engagements 285

Coordination between Internal Auditors and Others 341

Communicating and Reporting 357

Domain 2: Planning the Engagement (20%) 366

Objectives and Scope of Audit Engagement 367

Risk Assessment for Auditable Areas 375

Engagement Work Program 391

Audit Resources for Audit Engagements 398

Domain 3: Performing the Engagement (40%) 400

Information-Gathering Tools and Techniques 401

Sampling Methods and Statistical Analysis 417

Data Analysis and Evaluation Techniques 470

Audit Analytics 503

Audit and Legal Evidence 549

Audit Workpapers 556

Engagement Supervision 561

Domain 4: Communicating Results and Monitoring Progress (20%) 565

Communication Quality and Elements 566

Audit Reporting Process 587

Residual Risk and Risk Acceptance 592

Monitoring Audit Progress 598


Risks to Internal Audit Activity 603

The IIA's Three-Lines-of-Defense Model 611

Audit Metrics and Key Performance Indicators 616

Characteristics of Effective Auditors and Audit Function 622

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 636

About the Author 649

Index 651
S. RAO VALLABHANENI is an educator, author, publisher, consultant, and practitioner in business with more than thirty years of management and teaching experience in auditing, accounting, manufacturing, and IT consulting in both public and private sectors. He is the author of more than sixty trade books, study guides, review guides, monographs, audit guides, and articles in auditing and IT. He holds twenty-four professional certifications in business management in Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Quality, and Human Resource fields.

S. R. Vallabhaneni, SRV Professional Publication