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Windows 10 For Seniors For Dummies

Weverka, Peter


4. Auflage Oktober 2020
320 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-68054-3
John Wiley & Sons

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The easy way to get up and running with Windows 10!

With Windows 10 For Seniors For Dummies, becoming familiarized with Windows 10 is a painless process. If you're interested in learning the basics of this operating system without having to dig through confusing computer jargon, look no further.

This book offers a step-by-step approach that is specifically designed to assist first time Windows 10 users who are over-50, providing easy-to-understand language, large-print text, and an abundance of helpful images along the way!
* Protect your computer
* Follow friends and family online
* Use Windows 10 to play games and enjoy media
* Check your security and maintenance status

Step-by-step instructions are provided to ensure that you don't get lost at any point along the way.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Windows 10 7

Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with Windows 10 9

Chapter 2: Using the Start Screen and Apps 27

Chapter 3: Adjusting Windows 10 Settings 49

Chapter 4: Working with User Accounts 65

Chapter 5: Getting Comfortable with the Desktop 87

Part 2: Windows 10 and the Web 107

Chapter 6: Finding What You Need on the Web 109

Chapter 7: Emailing Family and Friends 129

Chapter 8: Exploring Apps for Your Daily Life 145

Part 3: Having Fun with Windows 10 169

Chapter 9: Exploring the Microsoft Store 171

Chapter 10: Taking Photos and More 185

Chapter 11: Enjoying Music and Videos 205

Part 4: Beyond the Basics 223

Chapter 12: Maintaining Windows 10 225

Chapter 13: Connecting a Printer and Other Devices 243

Chapter 14: Working with Files 253

Chapter 15: Backing Up and Restoring Files 275

Index 293
Peter Weverka has decades of experience helping tech newcomers. He has written on Office and its various applications, Windows, and Internet technologies. He is the author of all previous editions of Windows 10 For Seniors For Dummies.