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Science in Seconds for Kids

Over 100 Experiments You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less

Stier, Samuel Cord / Potter, Jean


2. Auflage Januar 2021
160 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-68547-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Do you want to learn to make lightening in a room, keep paper dry under water, and see colors that aren't there? Experience the magic of science with these quick, easy experiments and activities. You can complete each activity in just ten minutes or less, and the clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations help you get it right every time. You will find most of the required materials already in your home!

With illustrations, full-color pages, concise material lists, and easy-to-understand instructions, the second edition of Science in Seconds makes learning fun and practical. The activities will cover several different subject areas, including air, animals, colors, gravity, energy, light, machines, the human body, magnetism, and weather. Before you know it, kids will be making rainbows on the floor, popping balloons with magnifying glasses, and bending water from the faucet.



Dry Paper

Elastic Air

Air Rocket

Air Push

Air Support

Bottle Balloon

Book Lift

Lifting Things With No Hands

Dusty Air

Living Things

Whopping Hoppers

Smart Skin

Break an Egg

Egg Shape

Seeing Without Eyes

Bendy Trees

Tree Curves

Slow Fly

Fish Skeleton


Water Rainbow

Oil Rainbow

Secondary Colors

New Mix

Balloon Stretch

Hot Colors

Color Dyes

Spinning Colors



Heat Absorbers

Hot Ice

Bending Water

Sun Burst

Button Spinner

Water Spin


Easy Electromagnet

Raisin Raising


Balancing Act

Ball Gravity

Book Balance

Gravity Balance

Personal Gravity

Pendulum Plus

Pendulum Plumb

Gravity Pull

Pencil Fall

The Human Body

Pulse Watch

Heart Sounds

Muscle Bound

Hand Investigation

Eye Light

Weird Wonder

Crying Eyes

Family Genes

Old Shoes


Tiny Mirror

Mirror Series

Bending Straws

Light Beams

Wearing Sparkles

Stick Mirror

Easy Kaleidoscope

Comb Beams

Changing Shadows


Lever Lift

Easy Move

Sinking Submarine

Simple Siphon

Sand Clock

Turning Time

Pulling Pulleys

Pull Ups

Roll Can


Making Moves

Filing Forces

New Magnet

Homemade Compass

Wrong Readings

Magnetic Detraction

Magnet Strength

Magnet Chain

Liquid Attraction


Comb Rays

Double Convex

Word Flip

Water Magnifier

Round Works

Shadow Look

Magnifying Measurement

Eyeglass Lenses

Telescope Image


Water Drops

Circle Thread

Water Vapor

Window Fog

Slippery Ice

Sinking Ship

Water Weight

Level Look

Making Money


Wind Sail

Wind Direction

Wind Wheel

Wind Chill

Humidity Check

Dew Point

Create Lightning

Barometer Read

Cricket Thermometer


Further Reading

Experiment Index