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Next Level Sales Coaching

How to Build a Sales Team That Stays, Sells, and Succeeds

Johnson, Steve / Hawk, Matthew


1. Auflage September 2020
224 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-68548-7
John Wiley & Sons

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"Steve Johnson and Matthew Hawk have created the most comprehensive, actionable, step-by-step guide for successful sales management I've seen in 25 years as a corporate training and development professional. Creating sales teams that stay, sell, and succeed is a lesson in successful sales leadership that is packed with case studies, scripts, planning tools, and resources that will be invaluable resources to sales managers both new and experienced."
-Corey Rewis, Learning & Development Executive, Fortune Top 100 Most Profitable Company, Fortune 100 Best Place to Work(r) Company

"Management is dead. Ask any professional or salesperson if they want to be managed, and they'll tell you, 'I'm good.' Professionals want to grow and develop. They want someone to work with them on an individual basis to help them identify their gaps and build a plan to sharpen skills and close those gaps. That's what Steve Johnson is an expert at and what this book will help managers do at a high level. Managers can use this book to evolve their skills and migrate from being managers to becoming coaches. The 'coaching gap' is the biggest opportunity for businesses today. If managers have not yet developed coaching skills, this book will have an enormous return for those that buy it, read it, and put it to use. Our team can attest to this from firsthand experience."
-David Patchen, Senior Vice President, Education and Practice Management, Raymond James Private Client Group

"I loved this book as it covered all the sales processes and coaching strategies that helped us drive strong, double-digit growth over the last ten years. A must-read for sales leaders!"
-Tom Chelew, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Fleet Management, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"Having implemented the sales coaching techniques described in Next Level Sales Coaching over the last decade and a half at several different companies, I've consistently seen immediate and sustained improvement on key performance metrics in both customer satisfaction and overall conversions. The 'secret sauce' is in the defined coaching processes."
-Michael Hatt, Principle Program Manager, Go Learning Development Team, Amazon

"Next Level Sales Coaching provides comprehensive guidance for developing and executing core sales management activities that drive predictable and profitable sales. This is a must-read and an excellent reference for those who lead-or aspire to lead-sales teams."
-Dario F. Priolo, Former Executive Vice President, Miller Heiman Group

Introduction 1

Why We Wrote This Book 1

Who This Book is For 2

Who We Are 3

Chapter 1 The Case for Sales Coaching 7

Dynamic Sales Coaching is Better than Random Sales Coaching 8

The Benefits of Reading (and Using!) This Book 11

What's in This Book 14

What's NOT in This Book 14

Are You Ready? 15

The Road Ahead 17

Chapter 2 Why Coaching Fails or Fails to Happen 19

Personal Background 20

Company Culture 22

Quantity: Why Managers Don't Coach Enough 23

Quality: Why Sales Managers Coach Ineffectively 23

Chapter 3 Sales Coaching Model and Self-Assessment 25

Sales Coaching Model 25

Sales Manager Attitudes 27

Sales Manager Self-Assessment: Attitudes and Activities 28

Impact of Coaching 29

Chapter 4 Review and Plan Meetings 31

Planning Varies by Type of Sales Organization 32

Benefits of Review and Plan Conversations 34

Review and Plan Conversation 36

Review and Plan Meeting Tips 38

Chapter 5 Goal-Setting Meetings 41

Why Salespeople Miss Expectations 42

Guidelines for Conducting Goal-Setting Meetings 43

Goal-Setting Meeting Overview 44

Goal-Setting Meeting Process 46

Addressing Attitude Issues on Your Team: The Classic Types 66

Goal-Setting Meeting Best Practices 72

Chapter 6 Skill Development Training 75

Talent is Overrated 76

Skill Development Training Challenges 78

Benefits of Skill Development Training 79

Opportunities for Skill Development Training 79

Skill Development Training Steps 82

Types of Feedback in Skill Development Training 95

Skill Development Training Tips 97

Chapter 7 Check-Ins 99

How Check-Ins Impact Your Sales Team in a Positive Way 100

How to Check In 102

Chapter 8 Performance Feedback 115

The Practice Coach, the Game Coach, Then the Practice Coach 116

Define Roles and Responsibilities 117

Performance Feedback Process 122

Performance Feedback Form 124

Insights on Performance Feedback 136

Chapter 9 Sales Meetings 139

Top Ten Reasons Why Salespeople Hate Sales Meetings 141

Sales Meeting Agenda 142

The End Game 143

Preparation 145

Welcome/Overview Agenda 146

Opening Inspiration 148

Success Stories 150

Skills Development Training 154

Goal Reporting and Goal Setting 160

Summary and Action Steps 163

Next-Meeting Logistics 164

Closing Inspiration 164

Other Activities 164

Chapter 10 Sales Huddles 167

Benefits of Sales Huddles 168

How to Recognize Effective Sales Huddles 171

Sales Huddle Example Scripting 174

Chapter 11 Sales and Service Coaching in the Contact Center 177

A Tale of Two Coaches 177

Make Time 179

Use Non-Scored Feedback 179

Coach Proactively 181

Focus on One Behavior at a Time 182

Use "MAPs" - Micro Action Plans 183

Use Questions to Coach 186

Recognize People 188

Calibrate 190

Chapter 12 Sales Enablement Best Practices 193

Micro Learning 193

Video 193

Web Conferencing and Video Chat 195

Competency Assessment Tools 196

Field Coaching Tools 197

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence 197

Analytics 198

Appendix: Sales Coaching Cadences 199

References/Further Reading 203

Acknowledgments 205

About the Authors 209

Index 211
STEVE JOHNSON is the President and Founder of The Next Level Sales Consulting. He has been working with clients to increase their sales effectiveness for over 35 years. Steve has developed hundreds of selling programs for clients such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and U. S. Bank. He is the coauthor of Selling is Everyone's Business and If You're Not Out Selling, You're Being Outsold.

MATTHEW HAWK, PHD, is Vice President of Instructional Design and Training Delivery at Synchrony. Matthew earned his doctorate from Yale University and is a member, contributing author, and speaker on the topic of sales enablement for the Association for Talent Development.