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A Practical Guide to Autism

What Every Parent, Family Member, and Teacher Needs to Know

Volkmar, Fred R. / Wiesner, Lisa A.


2. Auflage November 2021
304 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-68567-8
John Wiley & Sons

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An accessible guide to the most recent information about autism

The revised and updated second edition of A Practical Guide to Autism offers an authoritative guide to the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorder. Written by two highly regarded medical professionals, the book offers parents, family memberts, and teachers a useful review of the concept of autism, its diagnosis, and the most current treatments available. This comprehensive resource covers the range of the condition in infants, young, and school age children, adolescents, and adults.

The authors explore evidence-based treatments and review of some of the alternative and complementary treatments proposed for autism. Information on educational programs and entitlement services are also provided. In addition, the book contains information on issues, such as medical care, medication use, safety, behavioral, and mental health problems. The book covers the range of ages and entire spectrum of autism and provides an introduction to the diagnostic concept. With the expanding number of treatments and interventions this book is a useful guide for all those involved in caring for individuals on the autism spectrum. This important guide:

* Offers lists of resources for parents and professionals compiled by experts in the field and reviewed by parents.
* Includes updated research that adheres to DSM-5 standards.
* Provides an accessible resource with succinct content delivery
* Contains new discussions on modern treatments that have been identified since the publication of the first edition.
Written for parents, teachers, and caregivers, A Practical Guide to Autism, Second Edition offers an updated and expanded edition to the practical guide to autism.

Preface to the 2nd Edition ix

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Autism: What Is It and How Do We Understand It? 1

Chapter 2 Getting a Diagnosis 21

Appendix 1 Understanding Assessment Results 43

Chapter 3 Overview of Educational Programs and Interventions 45

Chapter 4 Securing Services 71

Chapter 5 Infants and Young Children with ASD 89

Chapter 6 The School-Age Child With ASD 109

Chapter 7 Adolescents and Adults on the Autism Spectrum 135

Chapter 8 Medical Care 155

Chapter 9 Safety 173

Chapter 10 Sleep and Sleep Problems 185

Chapter 11 Sensory Issues 197

Chapter 12 Behavioral and Mental Health Problems: Issues and Interventions 207

Chapter 13 Considering Medications for Behavior and Mental Health Problems 225

Chapter 14 Considering Complementary, Alternative, and Emerging Treatments 243

Chapter 15 Supporting Families 257

Appendix 1: Glossary 269

Index 283
"In this newly updated text for parents, Volkmar and Weisner provide information that will likely answer any question that a parent could raise. They provide information that begins at the earliest paper ever written on autism and covers the critical findings about the disorder all the way to the present time, in formats specifically tailored to parents and others who may be reading this as their first foray into autism. They provide particularly careful descriptions of potentially confusing topics, like the many names that have been asigned to autism, the many myths that have crept up about autism. Their use of clinical vignettes, tables, and lists help highlight critical information. Materials provided in the Assessment chapter can reassure parents that their child has received the most appropriate assessment strategies and tools. Similarly, the chapter on intervention and education addresses approaches for educating children the ASD and for addressing the various challenges that often get in the way of learning and participating in various settings. The authors provide particularly important information about the laws that assure legal rights for services and education for persons with autism, including insurance practices that may cover some of the costs that public services do not provide. The authors delve deeply into the specific questions that parents might raise about their toddlers, their school aged children, and their teens and adults with ASD. Chapters on medical conditions and care are a strength of this book and also cover related difficulties like sleep, mental health conditions that can also occur in people who have ASD, and non-medical interventions that many families which to pursue. The final chapter is in many ways the most important in the whole text, in that it covers the positive as well as the often difficult ways that ASD in the family affects the whole family, and it helps families understand where they can find help and support the challenges that they experience in life with autism. I strongly recommend this text to families who want a comprehensive, current handbook about the multiple facets of autism written especially for them."

Sally J. Rogers, Ph.D., F-APA, F-APS, F-INSAR
Professor Emeritus, Licensed Psychologist
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, the MIND Institute
University California Davis
FRED R. VOLKMAR, MD, is the Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Psychology at Yale University School of Medicine, and is the primary author of the American Psychiatric Associations DSM-IV section on Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders. He is also the Dorothy Goodwin Professor of Special Education at Southern Connecticut State University.

LISA A. WIESNER, MD, is a pediatrician, now retired, and previously a Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT.

F. R. Volkmar, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT