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A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture

Castro-Klaren, Sara (Herausgeber)

Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture


2. Auflage Juni 2022
768 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-69253-9
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Cutting-edge and insightful discussions of Latin American literature and culture

In the newly revised second edition of A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture, Sara Castro-Klaren delivers an eclectic and revealing set of discussions on Latin American culture and literature by scholars at the cutting edge of their respective fields. The included essays--whether they're written from the perspective of historiography, affect theory, decolonial approaches, or human rights--introduce readers to topics like gaucho literature, postcolonial writing in the Andes, and baroque art while pointing to future work on the issues raised.

This work engages with anthropology, history, individual memory, testimonio, and environmental studies. It also explores:
* A thorough introduction to topics of coloniality, including the mapping of the pre-Columbian Americas and colonial religiosity
* Comprehensive explorations of the emergence of national communities in New Imperial coordinates, including discussions of the Muisca and Mayan cultures
* Practical discussions of global and local perspectives in Latin American literature, including explorations of Latin American photography and cultural modalities and cross-cultural connections
* In-depth examinations of uncharted topics in Latin American literature and culture, including discussions of femicide and feminist performances and eco-perspectives

Perfect for students in undergraduate and graduate courses tackling Latin American literature and culture topics, A Companion to Latin American Literature and Culture, Second Edition will also earn a place in the libraries of members of the general public and PhD students interested in Latin American literature and culture.

Notes on Contributors xi

Editor's Acknowledgments xviii

CODA. Companion 2022: As the World Turns... 1
Sara Castro-Klaren

Second Thoughts on the Historical Foundation of Modernity/Coloniality and the Advent of Decolonial Thinking 9
Walter D. Mignolo

Part I Coloniality 19

1 Mapping the Geopolitics of Contact: Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and Western Knowledge 21
Gustavo Verdesio

2 Writing Violence 37
José Rabasa

3 The Popol Wuj: The Repositioning and Survival of Mayan Culture 56
Carlos M. López

4 The Colegio Imperial de Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco and Its Aftermath: Nahua Intellectuals and the Spiritual Conquest of Mexico 74
Rocío Cortés

5 Memory and "Writing" in the Andes 95
Sara Castro-Klaren

6 Writing the Andes 106
Sara Castro-Klaren

7 Court Culture, Ritual, Satire, and Music in Colonial Brazil and Spanish America 126
Lúcia Helena Costigan

8 Violence in the Land of the Muisca: Juan Rodríguez Freile's El carnero 135
Álvaro Félix Bolaños

9 The Splendor of Baroque Visual Arts 150
Lisa DeLeonardis

10 Colonial Religiosity: Nuns, Heretics, and Witches 170
Kathryn Joy McKnight

Part II Transformations 183

11 Visual Representations of Tupac Amaru II 185
Peter Elmore

12 The Caribbean in the Age of Enlightenment, 1788-1848 187
Franklin W. Knight

13 The Philosopher-Traveler: The Secularization of Knowledge, Space, and Time in Mexico and South America 206
Leila Gómez

14 Slave Culture in Brazil, 1500s-1888 220
Hendrik Kraay

15 The Haitian Revolution 234
Sibylle Fischer

Part III The Emergence of National Communities in New Imperial Coordinates 249

16 The Gaucho and the Gauchesca 251
Abril Trigo

17 Andrés Bello, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Manuel González Prada, and Teresa de la Parra: Four Writers and Four Concepts of Nationhood 265
Nicolas Shumway

18 Reading National Subjects 281
Juan Poblete

19 The Muisca beyond Melancholy: Literature, Art, and the Colombian State 305
Luis Fernando Restrepo

Part IV Uncertain Modernities 323

20 Shifting Hegemonies: The Cultural Politics of Empire 325
Fernando Degiovanni

21 Machado de Assis: The Meaning of Sardonic 343
Todd S. Garth

22 The Mexican Revolution and the Plastic Arts 353
Horacio Legras

23 Anthropology, Pedagogy, and the Various Modulations of Indigenismo: Amauta, Tamayo, Arguedas, Sabogal, Bonfil Batalla 371
Javier Sanjinés C.

24 Cultural Theory and the Avant-Gardes: Mariátegui, Mário de Andrade, Oswald de Andrade, Pagú, Tarsila do Amaral, César Vallejo 384
Fernando J. Rosenberg

25 Latin American Poetry 399
Stephen M. Hart

26 Literature between the Wars: Macedonio Fernández, Jorge Luis Borges, and Felisberto Hernández 415
Adriana J. Bergero, translated by Todd S. Garth

27 Narratives and Deep Histories: Freyre, Arguedas, Roa Bastos, Rulfo 434
Adriana Michèle Campos Johnson

28 Alterity and Absence Brazilian Representations of Difference in Guimarães Rosa, Callado, and Lispector 451
Elizabeth A. Marchant

29 Feminist Insurrections: From Queiroz and Castellanos to Morejón, Poniatowska, Valenzuela, and Eltit 464
Adriana J. Bergero and Elizabeth A. Marchant

30 Caribbean Philosophy 486
Edouard Glissant

Part V Global and Local Perspectives 505

31 Uncertain Modernities: Amerindian Epistemologies and the Reorienting of Culture 507
Elizabeth Monasterios Pérez

32 Testimonio, Subalternity, and Narrative Authority 524
John Beverley

33 Affectivity beyond "Bare Life": On the Non-Tragic Return of Violence in Latin American Film 537
Hermann Herlinghaus

34 Photography in Latin America: The Case for Another Photography 555
Jorge Coronado

35 Rock and Pop across Cultural Boundaries: The Story of a Tension between Mimicry and Autochthony 572
Gustavo Verdesio

36 Film, Indigenous Video, and the Lettered City's Visual Economy Revisited 584
Freya Schiwy

37 Postmodern Theory and Cultural Criticism in Spanish America and Brazil 601
Ileana Rodríguez

Part VI Uncharted Waters 619

38 Plants, People, and the Ecological Imagination in Latin America 621
Lesley Wylie

39 Atmospheres of the Marvelous: Postcritical Reading and the Re-Enchantment of the World 634
Jeronimo Arellano

40 The Indigenous "Contact Film" and Its Afterlives in Latin American Cinema 646
Gustavo Furtado

41 Femicide and Feminist Performance 658
Debra A. Castillo

42 Screen Time: The Digitalization of Latin American Literature and Culture 671
Matthew Bush

43 From Human Rights to Rights beyond the Human 685
Fernando J. Rosenberg

44 Imagining Amazonia Cartographically 699
Amanda M. Smith

45 The Affective Aesthetics of Fictional Objects 714
Juan G. Ramos

46 Wars over Water: Toward an Eco-Perspectivist Subaltern Ecology 728
Orlando Betancor

Index 743
Sara Castro-Klaren is Emerita Professor of Latin American Culture and Literature at the Johns Hopkins University. She has published several books on the Latin American novel, with a particular focus on the works of Jose Maria Arguedas, Mario Vargas Llosa, Julio Cortazar, and Diamela Eltit.

S. Castro-Klaren, Johns Hopkins University