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Collaborative Learning in Practice

Coaching to Support Student Learners in Healthcare

Lobo, Charlene / Paul, Rachel / Crozier, Kenda


1. Auflage Juni 2021
272 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-69536-3
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Cited in the 2015 Willis review on nurse education as an exemplary system-wide approach for supporting learning in practice, Collaborative Learning in Practice (CLiP) is an innovative coaching model that empowers students to take the lead in their practice through creating positive learning cultures.

Collaborative Learning in Practice provides a detailed description of the CLiP model and explains how coaching can be integrated into a range of learning conversations. Written by an experienced team of practitioners, this unique text describes the theoretical basis of the CLiPmodel, highlights potential pitfalls and successes, and offers practical guidance on implementation. A wealth of real-world case studies demonstrates how the CLiPmodel works in a range of professional and practice settings, considering healthcare education, research and leadership. This authoritative book:
* Provides an overview of the innovative CLiP model of practice-based learning, linked to the NMC standards for student supervision and assessment
* Offers numerous real-life examples of how to implement and evaluate CLIP in practice
* Explores the use of reverse mentoring to update and share knowledge collaboratively
* Discusses how coaching approaches such as GROW and OSCAR can enhance learning experiences
* Includes access to online learning tools including self-assessment tests, additional practical scenarios and case studies, and links to further reading

Developing practitioner knowledge and skill through an accessible, reader-friendly approach,Collaborative Learning in Practice is an essential resource for nursing and allied healthcare educators, nursing and healthcare students, and practice mentors, supervisors, and assessors in clinical environments.

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Kenda Crozier, Charlene Lobo and Rachel Paul

PART I: Evolution of CLiP

Chapter 1: Changes in Practice Learning
Kenda Crozier and Charlene Lobo

Chapter 2: Models of Practice Learning
Kenda Crozier

Chapter 3: The CLiPTM Model
Charlene Lobo and Jonty Kenward

Chapter 4: System Wide Approaches to CLiP

4.1: The South West Collaborative Learning in Practice Community Cluster Project
Jane Bunce

4.2: Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Implementation of the Collaborative Learning in Practice Model of Supervision
Jonty Kenward

4.3: James Paget University NHS Foundation Trust Implementing the CLiP Model in Maternity Care
Kenda Crozier, Jodie Yerrell and Kirsty Tweedie

Chapter 5: Coaching Theory and Models
Rachel Paul

Chapter 6: Evaluation

6.1: Plymouth University
Graham Williamson, Adele Kane, and Jane Bunce

6.2: University of East Anglia
Antony Arthur, Rebekah Hill, and Michael Woodward

PART II: Coaching Application

Chapter 7: Introduction to Coaching in Practice
Rachel Paul and Charlene Lobo

Chapter 8: 'A Coaching Day'
Rachel Paul, Charlene Lobo and Jonty Kenward

Chapter 9: Acute Adult Care - Orthopaedic and Trauma Ward
Rachel Paul, Charlene Lobo and Helen Bell

Chapter 10: Community Nursing Case Study
Rachel Paul, Charlene Lobo and Theresa Walker

Chapter 11: Maternity Case Study
Kenda Crozier, Rachel Paul and Charlene Lobo

Chapter 12: Mental Health
Rachel Paul, Charlene Lobo, Ronald Simpson and Helen Bell


Charlene Lobo, BSc, MA RN, RHV, is a Consultant in Practice Education; formerly a Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia, where she served as the Academic Lead for Practice Learning and the Collaborative Learning in Practice (CLiP) project.

Rachel Paul, BA, MA, is the Director of ConsultEast, a management and leadership consultancy that integrates coaching with learning, embedding both into practice and performance. She was previously Lecturer in Education Studies at the City College of Norwich, UK.

Kenda Crozier, PhD, MSc, BSc, RM, RN, SFHEA, is Professor of Midwifery at the University of East Anglia, UK, where she has held several senior leadership roles including Faculty Associate Dean for PGR and Lead Midwife for Education.