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Organizational Behavior

For a Better Tomorrow, Enhanced eText

Neubert, Mitchell J. / Dyck, Bruno


2. Auflage April 2021
528 Seiten, eText
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-70289-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Organizational Behavior: For a Better Tomorrow, 2nd Edition is a unique, blended approach to the subject, combining traditional core competencies with contemporary research and innovative practices. The textbook's distinctive dual presentation integrates "conventional" and "sustainable" organizational behavior (OB) to help students understand how creativity, collaboration, and ethical decision-making can positively impact people, organizations, and entire communities.

This fully-updated second edition provides a balanced, real-world approach that strengthens critical thinking skills, enables students to explore the rationale for sustainable OB practices, and illustrates and how values and ethics influence business decisions in the real world. Rather than focusing only on the short-term, bottom-line approach of traditional OB, the text discusses a comprehensive range of topics, from current trends in popular media and scholarly literature, to addressing the current and long-term needs and goals of organizational stakeholders.

Preface ix

CHAPTER 1 Putting People First 2

CHAPTER 2 Exploring the Landscape of OB 20

CHAPTER 3 Understanding Individual Attributes 44

CHAPTER 4 Considering Individual States 66

CHAPTER 5 Motivating Individuals 90

CHAPTER 6 Making Decisions 114

CHAPTER 7 Leading Self 138

CHAPTER 8 Understanding Relationships 162

CHAPTER 9 Leading Others 188

CHAPTER 10 Leading Groups and Teams 216

CHAPTER 11 Communicating with Purpose 242

CHAPTER 12 Understanding Organizational Culture and Structure 264

CHAPTER 13 Developing Organizational Culture and Structures 290

CHAPTER 14 Motivating with Systems 316

CHAPTER 15 Leading Organizational Change 344

CHAPTER 16 Creating Organizations 370

Glossary A-1

Endnotes A-11

Name Index A-59

Organization Index A-65

Subject Index A-71