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The Person

A New Introduction to Personality Psychology

McAdams, Dan P. / Dunlop, William L.


6. Auflage Juli 2022
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ISBN: 978-1-119-70514-7
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The Person: An Introduction to Personality Psychology, 6th Edition presents the most up-to-date research, theory, and methods in the field of personality psychology. This exciting new edition has been completely revised and largely reworked to speak directly to the student in an engaging narrative tone while also retaining the cutting-edge research sensibilities that has made it an enduring success and a revolutionary text in the field. The 6th Edition introduces new chapters on intelligence and cognitive ability, psychopathology, and the correlative relationship between personality and health. It is filled with new material throughout, such as case studies of prominent figures - including Marilyn Monroe, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and many others -which illustrate important ideas in personality psychology and provoke discussion.

About the Authors v

Preface xv

Case Studies xvii

Part i Personality, Human Nature, and Culture

1 Persons 2

2 The Evolution of Human Nature 34

3 Social Learning and Culture 66

Part ii The Person as Social Actor

4 Dispositional Traits 100

5 Emotional Life: Extraversion and Neuroticism 127

6 Self-Regulation: Agreeableness and Conscientiousness 159

7 Expanding Your Mind: Openness to Experience 191

8 Stability and Change in Personality Traits 218

Part iii The Person as Motivated Agent

9 Human Motivation: Needs and Goals 252

10 The Moral Animal 287

11 Self and Other 318

Part iv The Person as Autobiographical Author

12 Life Stories 358

13 Narrative, Culture, and the Adult Life Course 392

14 Psychological Biography and the Narrative Study of Lives 427

Part v Application to the Clinical Realm

15 Personality Disorder 466

Glossary G-1

References R-1

Credits C-1

Name Index I-1

Subject Index I-0