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News Media Innovation Reconsidered

Ethics and Values in a Creative Reconstruction of Journalism

Luengo, Maria / Herrera-Damas, Susana (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Mai 2021
256 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-70649-6
John Wiley & Sons

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A guide to journalistic ethics for today's digital technologies

With contributions from an international panel of experts on the topic, News Media Innovation Reconsidered offers a guide for the revitalizing of the ethical and civil ideals of journalism. The authors discuss how to energize journalistic practices and products and explore how to harness the power of digital technological innovations such as immersive journalism, the automatization and personalization of news, newsgames, and artificial-intelligence news production.

The book presents an innovative framework of "creative reconstruction" and reviews new journalistic concepts, models, initiatives, and practices that clearly demonstrate professional ethics that embrace truth seeking, transparency, fact checking, and accuracy, and other ethical considerations. While the contributors represent numerous countries, many of examples are drawn from the Spanish-speaking media and can serve as models for an international audience. This important book:
* Explores the impact on the news media from mobile-first, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence-driven platforms
* Examines the challenges of maintaining journalistic ethics in today's digital world
* Demonstrates how to use technology to expose readers to news outside their comfort zones
* Provides information for discerning truth from fake news

Written for researchers, students in journalism and communication programs, New Media Innovation Reconsidered offers a much-needed guide for recreating journalistic ethics in our digital age.

Introduction: Journalism's Creative Reconstruction: How Innovation in News Is Embracing Enduring Professional and Civil Values - María Luengo

Journalism, Ethics, and Innovation in Times of Digital Turbulence

1. An Inquiry into the Ethics of Innovation in Digital Journalism - José Alberto García-Avilés

2. Democratically Engaged Journalists: Ethical Invention Amid Unreasonable Publics - Stephen J.A. Ward

3. Journalism Innovation in a Time of Survival - Alfred Hermida and Mary Lynn Young

News Ethics and Emerging Journalistic Narratives

4. Ethics in 360-Degree Immersive Journalism - María José Benítez de Gracia, Sara Pérez-Seijo, and Susana Herrera-Damas

5. Quo Vadis, Newsgames? Ethical Boundaries Between Journalism and Games - Salvador Gómez-García and Juan Martín-Quevedo

6. Guiding the Adoption of News Storytelling Design Through Ethics: The Use of Stories in Google's AMP Project - Mariché Navío-Navarro and Laura González-Díez

Interrogating Data, Algorithms, and Automatization Through Journalism Ethics

7. Data Journalism, Massive Leaks, and Investigation: What the Panama Papers Have Taught Us About Ethics - Helena Cortés and María Luengo

8. Semi-automated Journalism: Reinforcing Ethics to Make the Most of Artificial Intelligence for Writing News - José Luis Rojas Torrijos

9. Ethical Challenges in Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into Newsrooms - Teresa Barceló-Ugarte, José Manuel Pérez-Tornero, and Pere Vilas-Fumàs

Journalistic Innovation at the Service of the Public

10. Journalism, Algorithms, and the People's Right to Know - Michaëla Cancela-Kieffer

11. Ethical Dilemmas in the Personalization of News from Voice Interfaces - Luis Miguel Pedrero-Esteban and Beatriz Gas-Gozalbo

12. Transparency, Innovation, and Journalism - Rogério Christofoletti

13. Innovative Tools for Citizen Empowerment in the Fight Against Misinformation - Óscar Espíritusanto and Inès Dinant

Conclusion - Susana Herrera-Damas

María Luengo is Associate Professor of Journalism, Department of Communication, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. Her work focuses on journalism and the civil sphere. Recent book publications include The Crisis of Journalism Reconsidered: Democratic Culture, Professional Codes, Digital Future (co-edited with Alexander and Breese, Cambridge University Press, 2016). Her research has appeared in European Journal of Communication, Media, Culture & Society, Journalism, and Journalism Studies, among others.

Susana Herrera is Associate Professor of Journalism, Department of Communication, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. Her work focuses on innovation on digital media. Her research has appeared in Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies, El profesional de la información and Communication & Society, among others.