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Third Shift Entrepreneur

Keep Your Day Job, Build Your Dream Job

Connor, Todd


1. Auflage Juli 2021
352 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-70836-0
John Wiley & Sons

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"A must read for any aspiring entrepreneur with the itch to start their own business who is wondering 'but what do I do first?'"
--Gino Wickman, Author of Traction and Creator of EOS

"Our country and our communities are better when people bring their own ideas to life as entrepreneurs -- and this book written as an engaging story helps show us how. If you're ready to step into the arena, grab hold of this book and the strategies in it."
--Robert A. McDonald, 8th Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs Retired Chairman, President and CEO of The Procter & Gamble Company

"Todd Connor has written the secret real testament of how so many entrepreneurs managed to start and survive. He doesn't just lift the lid on the world of working entrepreneurs, he offers a game plan to follow. This is a book every person who dreams of starting their own business needs to read first."
--Charlynda Scales, Founder, Mutt's Sauce LLC

"I cannot tell you how much I needed this book. I literally could not put it down. It spoke to my soul, brought me to tears several times while re-living my own angst and discontent, and then ultimately left me bursting with hope, energy and clarity for the path forward. This for me was straight up therapy as well as the coaching I needed. If you're at that place of wanting to step into your ownential, you have to read this."

- Michael H., Aspiring Entrepreur

Acknowledgments vii

Foreword ix

Introduction xi

Chapter 1 Rise and Grind 1

Chapter 2 The Energy You're Putting Out 7

Chapter 3 If I'm Honest with Myself. . . 15

Chapter 4 . . .Third Shift Entrepreneurs 23

Chapter 5 Real World Education 35

Chapter 6 Breaking Patterns 52

Chapter 7 Taking Stock 61

Chapter 8 Getting Paid to Learn 67

Chapter 9 Building an Audience 88

Chapter 10 Inviting People into the Process 104

Chapter 11 Monopoly Advantages 120

Chapter 12 Brave Conversations 124

Chapter 13 Calculating Your Return on Initiative (ROI) 131

Chapter 14 If I Build It. . . 137

Chapter 15 Assigning Your Own Homework 148

Chapter 16 Giving It a Name 163

Chapter 17 Staying Close to Your Customers 168

Chapter 18 You Can't Do It Alone 178

Chapter 19 Finding Co-Authors 184

Chapter 20 Small Wins 193

Chapter 21 Big Wins 197

About the Author 209
TODD CONNOR is an evangelist for an American renewal of entrepreneurship. Todd is the founder of Bunker Labs, a national entrepreneurship organization with chap­ters in 30 states across the U.S., that works with military veterans and military spouses who want to start their own business. He is also the founder of The Collective Acad­emy (, Emerson House (www.ExperienceEm­, as well as other for-profit and philanthropic organizations. For speaking requests, access to additional thought leadership, or to attend workshops visit