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Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors

IGZO and Related Materials for Display and Memory

Hosono, Hideo / Kumomi, Hideya (Herausgeber)

Wiley Series in Display Technology


1. Auflage Juni 2022
640 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-71557-3
John Wiley & Sons

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A singular resource on amorphous oxide semiconductors edited by a world-recognized pioneer in the field

In Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors: IGZO and Related Materials for Display and Memory, the Editors deliver a comprehensive account of the current status of--and latest developments in--transparent oxide semiconductor technology. With contributions from leading international researchers and exponents in the field, this edited volume covers physical fundamentals, thin-film transistor applications, processing, circuits and device simulation, display and memory applications, and new materials relevant to amorphous oxide semiconductors.

The book makes extensive use of structural diagrams of materials, energy level and energy band diagrams, device structure illustrations, and graphs of device transfer characteristics, photographs and micrographs to help illustrate the concepts discussed within. It also includes:
* A thorough introduction to amorphous oxide semiconductors, including discussions of commercial demand, common challenges faced during their manufacture, and materials design
* Comprehensive explorations of the electronic structure of amorphous oxide semiconductors, structural randomness, doping limits, and defects
* Practical discussions of amorphous oxide semiconductor processing, including oxide materials and interfaces for application and solution-process metal oxide semiconductors for flexible electronics
* In-depth examinations of thin film transistors (TFTs), including the trade-off relationship between mobility and reliability in oxide TFTs

Perfect for practicing scientists, engineers, and device technologists working with transparent semiconductor systems, Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors: IGZO and Related Materials for Display and Memory will also earn a place in the libraries of students studying oxides and other non-classical and innovative semiconductor devices.

WILEY SID Series in Display Technology

Series Editor: Ian Sage, Abelian Services, Malvern, UK

The Society for Information Display (SID) is an international society which has the aim of encouraging the development of all aspects of the field of information display. Complementary to the aims of the society, the Wiley-SID series is intended to explain the latest developments in information display technology at a professional level. The broad scope of the series addresses all facets of information displays from technical aspects through systems and prototypes to standards and ergonomics.

Hideo Hosono

I. Introduction

1.1. Transparent Amorphous Oxides Semiconductors for display applications-Materials Features, Progress and Prospect
Hideo Hosono

1.2. Transparent Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors: What's Unique for Device Applications?
Hideya Kumomi

II. Fundamentals

2. Electronic Structure and Structural Randomness
Julia E. Medvedeva,1 Bishal Bhattarai,1 D. Bruce Buchholz2

3. Electronic Structure of Transparent Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors
John Robertson, Zhaofu Zhang

4. Defects and Relevant Properties
Toshio Kamiya,1 Kenji Nomura,2 Keisuke Ide,1 and Hideo Hosono1

5. Amorphous Semiconductor Mobility Physics & TFT Modeling
John F. Wager

6. Percolation Description Charge Transport in Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors. Band Conduction Dominated Disorder
A. V. Nenashev,1,2 F. Gebhard,3 K. Meerholz4 and S. D. Baranovskii3,4

7. State and Role of Hydrogen in Amorphous oxide semiconductors
Hideo Hosono and Toshio Kamiya

III. Processing

8. Low-Temperature Thin-Film Combustion Synthesis of Metal Oxide Semiconductors: Science and Technology
Binghao Wang,1,2 Wei Huang,1 Antonio Facchetti,2,3 and Tobin J Marks2

9. Solution-processed Metal Oxide Thin-film Transistors for Flexible Electronics
Hyun Jae Kim

10. Recent Progress on Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Thin Film Transistor Using Atomic Layer Deposition Technique
Hyun-Jun Jeong and Jin-Seong Park

IV. Thin Film Transistors

11. Control of Carrier Concentration in AOS and Application to Bulk Accumulation TFTs
Suhui Lee and Jin Jang

12. "Elevated-Metal Metal-Oxide Thin-Film Transistor: A Back-Gate Transistor Architecture with Annealing-Induced Source/Drain Regions"
Man Wong, Zhihe Xia, and Jiapeng Li

13. Hot Carrier Effects in Oxide TFTs
Mami N. Fujii, Takanori Takahashi, Juan Paolo Soria Bermundo, Yukiharu Uraoka

14. Trade-Off Relationship between Mobility and Reliability in Oxide TFTs
Junghwan Kim and Hideo Hosono

V. TFTs and Circuits

15. Oxide TFTs for Advanced Signal Processing Architectures
Arokia Nathan,1 Denis Striakhilev2 and Shuenn-Jiun Tang2

16. Device Modeling and Simulation of TAOS TFTs
Katsumi Abe

17. Oxide Circuits for Flexible Electronics
Kris Myny,1,2 Nikolaos Papadopoulos,1 Florian De Roose,1 and Paul Heremans1,2

VI. Display and Memory Applications

18. Oxide TFT Technology for Printed Electronics
Toshiaki Arai

19. Mechanically Flexible Nonvolatile Memory Thin-Film Transistors Using Oxide Semiconductor Active Channel on Ultra-Thin Polyimide Films
Sung-Min Yoon, Hyeong-Rae Kim, Hye-Won Jang, Ji-Hee Yang, Hyo-Eun Kim, Sol-Mi Kwak

20. Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor TFT for BEOL Transistor Applications
Nobuyoshi Saito and Keiji Ikeda

21. Ferroelectric-HfO2 Transistor Memory with IGZO Channel
Masaharu Kobayashi

22. Neuromorphic Chip using AOS Thin-Film Devices
Mutsumi Kimura

23. Oxide TFTs and their Application to X-Ray Imaging
Robert A Street

VII. New Materials

24. Toward the development of high-performance p-channel oxide-TFT and all-oxide complementary circuit
Kenji Nomura

25. Solution-Synthesized Metal Oxides and Halides for Transparent p-Channel TFTs
Ao Liu, Huihui Zhu, and Yong-Young Noh

26. Tungsten Doped Active Layers for High Mobility AOS-TFTs
Zhang Qun

27. Rare-earth and Transition-metal Doped Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Phosphor for Novel Light-emitting Diode Display
Keisuke Ide, Junghwan Kim, Hideo Hosono, and Toshio Kamiya

28. Application of AOS to Charge Transport Layer in Electroluminescent Devices
Junghwan Kim and Hideo Hosono

29. Displays and Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
Kenichi Iga
Hideo Hosono, PHD, is Honorary and Institute Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and distinguished fellow at the National Institute for Materials Science, Japan. He received his doctorate from the Tokyo Metropolitan University in 1982, and his research is focused on the creation of novel electronic functional materials. He is a pioneer of oxide semiconductors including IGZO-TFTs, iron-based superconductors and electrides.

Hideya Kumomi, DR.SCI., is Specially Appointed Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology Materials Research Center for Element Strategy, Japan. He received his doctorate from Waseda University in 1996 and his research has been focused on semiconductor materials and devices.