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German Visual Dictionary For Dummies

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192 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-71714-0
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German Visual Dictionary

A visual way to learn German

It's a fact--seeing something helps us remember it. This handy guide helps you build your German vocabulary with full-color pictures that illustrate the words. You'll be able to communicate with native speakers faster as you learn and remember more words and their meanings. The book is organized by themes such as transportation, accommodations, restaurants and eating, sports, emergencies, shopping, and more, making it especially useful for travelers. Boost your learning speed today!

* Navigate a city
* Handle money like a local
* Master short conversations
* Be prepared for emergencies


Let's go! 11

Verkehrsmittel / Means of transportation 12


Hello! 29

Sich begrüßen und sich verabschieden / Saying hello and goodbye 30

Sich orientieren

Orienting Yourself 37

In der Stadt / In the city 38

In der Natur / The natural world 48

Guten Appetit!

Enjoy your meal! 55

Was gibt es zum Essen? / What is there to eat? 56

Im Restaurant / At the restaurant 78

Die Getränke / Drinks 88

Gute Nacht!

Good night! 95

Die Beherbergung / The Accommodations 96

Ausstattung der Zimmer / In the bedroom 105

Das Badezimmer / In the bathroom 108

Viel Spaß!

Let's go out! 111

Das Geld / Money 112

Die Geschäfte / The stores 116

Der Einkaufsbummel / The shopping spree 122

Der Sport / Sports 136

Die Kultur / Culture 146


Watch out! 157

Der Unfall / The accident 158

Die Notaufnahme / The emergency room 164
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