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Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Blanchard, David


3. Auflage Juli 2021
320 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-73823-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Although the fundamentals of the supply chain industry remain constant, massive shifts in the demands of the marketplace and powerful new technologies have changed the way supply chain and transportation companies must engage with and deliver solutions to their clients.

In the newly revised Third Edition of Supply Chain Management Best Practices, noted journalist and supply chain expert David Blanchard delivers a compelling and comprehensive overview of the new technologies shaping the transportation and supply chain industries today and the processes that will transform them tomorrow.

You'll discover a thorough introduction to supply chain management, along with examples of best-in-class supply chains in a variety of industries. You'll also find proven methods and KPIs for measuring the performance of a supply chain. The author presents the traditional core processes of supply chain management and discusses the techniques used by individual and trendsetting companies from around the world. Finally, you'll learn about the strategies, solutions, and technologies used by leading companies to design their global organizations.

From drones and the Internet of Things to same-day delivery, omni-channel distribution, artificial intelligence, Uber-style freight transportation apps, blockchain, and robotics, the book discusses how the transfer of computing power from central mainframes into smartphones and cloud-based services has enabled game-changing technologies to reach companies of all shapes and sizes.

Perfect for supply chain managers and professionals, chief financial officers, chief information officers, and controllers, Supply Chain Management Best Practices will also earn a place in the libraries of manufacturing, warehouse, and purchasing managers who seek a one-stop resource to help them understand the latest trends and the enduring foundations of the supply chain industry.


The revised and updated Third Edition of Supply Chain Management Best Practices offers readers an insightful and comprehensive take on the concepts, processes, and technologies that define today's supply chain and transportation industries. You'll discover must-know information about traditional and core processes, as well as new technologies like drones, the Internet of Things, same-day delivery, and artificial intelligence that are transforming the industry.

The book contains valuable case studies, stories, and recent examples from real organizations implementing exciting new supply chain initiatives that are changing the way professionals think about their field. You'll find proven methods for measuring the performance of supply chains and insights into the strategies, solutions, and technologies used by trendsetting companies across the world. Finally, you'll learn why the transfer of computing power from central mainframes to the cloud and handheld devices has fundamentally changed the supply chain industry.

Ideal for executives, controllers, supply chain managers and professionals, as well as manufacturing, warehouse, and purchasing managers, the Third Edition of Supply Chain Management Best Practices remains an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to maintain and optimize a supply chain that functions as a competitive advantage.

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xix

Part 1 Introduction to Supply Chain Management 1

Chapter 1 If Supply Chain Is the Answer, Then What's the Question? 3

You Knew This Job Was Dangerous When You Took It 3

The Big Picture 5

The Supply Chain's Back Story 7

Roadblocks on the Supply Chain Path 9

Separating the Good from the Best 10

Notes 13

Chapter 2 Anatomy of a Supply Chain 15

Aerospace: Changing the Game, for Better or Worse 17

Consumer-Packaged Goods: The Moment of Truth 18

Food and Beverage: Cutting Out the Middleman 20

Healthcare: Driving Out Waste 21

Industrial Products: Diversity in the Supply Chain 23

Oil and Gas: Managing the Managers 24

Pharmaceuticals: Innovation in Real Time 24

Retail: It's Amazon's World--We're Just Shopping in It 26

Notes 27

Chapter 3 Supply Chain Metrics: Measuring Up to High Standards 29

How to Prevent a Supply Chain Heart Attack 30

What Makes a Supply Chain Leader? 31

Measure Satisfaction 33

Everybody's Talking About Benchmarking 34

Do the Right Things 35

Setting Your Sights High 36

Supply Chain Checkup 37

Learn the SCOR 38

SCM for Dummies 39

Follow the Roadmap 40

Make It All Meaningful 41

Focusing on the Customer 42

Notes 43

Part 2 Traditional Core Processes of Supply Chain Management 45

Chapter 4 Planning and Forecasting: Headed for the Future 47

A Bias Against Good Plans 49

From Soup to S&OP 50

No Time Like the Real Time 51

End-to-End Integration 53

Analyze This 54

A Happy Ending 56

Notes 57

Chapter 5 Procurement: Go Right to the Source 59

A Formula for Success 60

Managing the Changes 62

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Suppliers Closer 62

Looking Backward to See Forward 63

Ensuring a Healthy Supply Chain 64

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time 67

An Online Car Wreck 68

A Rating Service for Buyers and Sellers 69

Sustainable Sourcing Pays Off 70

Closing the Loop 71

Notes 72

Chapter 6 Manufacturing: Supply Chain on the Make 75

The Toyota Way 77

Nearly Perfect 79

Leaning into Quality 80

Don't Settle for Occasional Improvement 81

The Value of Teamwork 83

Leaning in the Right Direction 84

Smart Manufacturing, Smarter Suppy Chains 85

Supply Chain in 3D 87

Collaborating on Product Designs 88

The Future of Manufacturing 90

Notes 92

Chapter 7 Transportation: Logistics à la Mode 95

Riding the Roads 96

Regulations and Deregulation 97

Fuel for Thought 98

A Capacity for Change 99

Know Thyself, and Thy Carrier, Too 100

Collaboration Is a Two-Way Street 101

A Carrier by Any Other Name 102

Automate to Consolidate 103

Autonomous Vehicles on Land, Sea, and Air 105

Do-It-Yourself Logistics 108

The Last Mile 109

Get It There on Time 110

Notes 111

Chapter 8 Distribution and Warehousing: Going with the Flow 113

Omni-Channel Surfing 114

A Great Idea in Theory 116

Virtual Inventory 117

Cross-Docking, Compliance, and Collaboration 119

Handle with Care 120

Saving on Labor 121

How to Better Manage Your Warehouse 122

Design for Supply Chain 124

Striking the Proper Balance 125

A Site for Sore Eyes 126

How Much Is Too Much? 127

A Quick Guide to Site Selection 128

The Three Deadly Sins of Warehousing 129

Notes 130

Chapter 9 Globalization: It's a Not-So-Small World 133

Playing by Somebody Else's Rules 134

Develop a Global Vision 135

Following the Plan 136

Friendly Nations 137

"Low Cost" Sometimes Means "Poor Service" 139

Total Cost of Supply Chain 140

Take a Look for Yourself 141

Finding the Next Global Hot Spot 143

The Need for Supply Chain Visibility 144

Shoring Up the Supply Chain 145

There's No Place Like Home 146

Notes 147

Chapter 10 Customer Service: Keeping the Customer Satisfied 151

The Perfect Order 153

The High Cost of Imperfection 155

Every Day Is a Holiday 155

One Good Return Deserves Another 156

Supply Chain in Reverse 158

Money in the Bank 159

A Better Way to Sell Mouthwash 160

A Nine-Step Program for CPFR 162

Don't Expect Collaboration to Be Easy 162

Respecting Your Partners 163

A Culture of Customer Satisfaction 164

How to Get the Most Out of a Relationship 166

Notes 167

Part 3 Supply Chain Strategies 169

Chapter 11 3PLs: When You'd Rather Not Do It Yourself 171

A Shift to the Supply Chain Side 172

Letting Somebody Else Do It 173

Supply Chain Essentials and Nonessentials 174

Finding Your Core Competency 175

The Same Set of Eyes 177

The Financial Impact of Outsourcing 178

Staying in Touch 179

Going Beyond the 3PL Model 179

Outpacing the Competition 181

Higher Demands, Higher Expectations 182

Notes 182

Chapter 12 Risk Management: What to Do When Absolutely Nothing Goes According to Plan 185

Reducing Your Vulnerability 186

Don't Let Their Problems Become Your Problems 187

Shelter from Supply Chain Storms 188

Cybersecurity Blanket 189

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism 191

Getting Countries to Talk to Each Other 192

"It'll Never Happen Here" 193

Taking Responsibility for Your Supply Chain 196

Securing the Supply Chain 197

Taking Steps Toward Effective Compliance 198

An Investment Worth Making 200

Business as Unusual 200

Notes 202

Chapter 13 Supply Chain Technology: If You've Got the Money, Somebody's Got the Solution 205

Getting the Job Done with AI 207

The ABCs of RFID 209

Proactive Replenishment 211

In Search of Payback 213

Work the Bugs Out 215

A Block Off the Ol' Chain 216

An Interconnected Collection of Technologies 218

Reinvent, Rethink, Reimagine 220

Notes 221

Chapter 14 Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons 223

Champions of CSR 224

Corporate Irresponsibility 225

Who's Minding the Supply Chain? 227

The Black Elephant in the Room 228

The Carbon Footprint of a Banana 230

Don't Reinvent the Wheel 231

Bridge Over Muddled Waters 232

Eco-Friendly Strategies 234

Notes 236

Chapter 15 The Financial Supply Chain: Cash Is King 239

A Convergence of Talent 240

Zero Hour for Budgeting 241

Roll with the Changes 242

Supply Chain Finance: Part Strategy, Part Technology 243

Financials on the Rocks 245

Show Me the Money 247

Notes 248

Chapter 16 The Supply Chain Profession: What Keeps You Up at Night? 251

People Management 252

Talent Search 254

Hiring Problem Solvers 255

Training the Next Generation 257

Toy Stories 258

Gray Matters 259

How Diverse Is Your Supply Chain? 260

What Keeps You Up at Night? 263

The Secret to Supply Chain Success 265

Notes 266

About the Author 269

Index 271
David Blanchard is an award-winning journalist and Senior Content Director and Editor-in-Chief of Endeavor Business Media's Material Handling & Logistics and EHS Today. He is a sought-after speaker at major manufacturing industry events and has launched and edited several print and online publications covering supply chain, transportation, manufacturing, and artificial intelligence.