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Building a Digital Future

A Transformational Blueprint for Innovating with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sarkar, Lipi / Bansal, Vinnie


1. Auflage Juli 2021
336 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-74711-6
John Wiley & Sons

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The dramatic events of 2020 have clarified the urgent need for digital transformation in countless organizations.

The rise of remote work and the rapidly increasing use of cloud technologies are just two drivers of the relentless pace of digital disruption. Despite this, many companies remain underequipped or hesitant to embrace digital transformation. Understanding the key drivers of change and leveraging the powerful capabilities from technologies with a collaborative platform can aid an organization to prepare for digital transformation. Building a Digital Future provides a clearly defined roadmap for executing this change with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Firms of all types and sizes will learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help them:
* achieve competitive advantages for their business
* reduce the time needed to effect change by automating time-consuming tasks
* drive innovation and improvements through an evergreen system post implementation

Each chapter of this book is curated with best practices, compelling customer examples, pitfalls to avoid, and salient points to remember. Building a Digital Future enables organizations to truly embrace the benefits of digital transformation by anchoring Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the core of their business. Perfect for any business leader looking for a one-stop and comprehensive playbook for transforming their business into a digital powerhouse with Dynamics 365.

Foreword xiii

Preface xv

Acknowledgments xxi

About the Contributors xxv

Part I Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365 1

Chapter 1 Digital Transformation and the Case for Change 3

Change, Change, Change 4

Digital Transformation: Key Drivers 6

Digital Transformation: Disrupt or Be Disrupted 11

Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365 14

Summing Up 17

Notes 18

Chapter 2 Capabilities for Transforming Your Business with Dynamics 365 21

A Platform for Change and Transformation 23

How to Drive Business Efficiencies 28

Data Platform: The Secret Sauce 29

Business Process: Simplification, Standardization, and Automation 31

Is There a Choice: Cloud or On-Premise? 34

Summing Up 36

Notes 37

Chapter 3 The Power of the Microsoft Platform 39

Rise of the Citizen Developer: Improving Productivity with the Power Platform 41

Building Custom Apps with Power Apps 42

Resources and Community Groups 44

Using Power BI to Create a Data-Driven Culture 46

Accelerating Organizational Capability and Driving Efficiency 51

Moving from Reactive to Proactive with IoT Integration 55

Improving Experiences with Chatbots and Natural Language Processing 60

Summing Up 62

Part II Blueprint for Executing a Successful Dynamics 365 Project 73

Chapter 4 Five Cornerstones of Digital Transformation 75

Strategic Shift 76

Cultural Shift 78

Shift in People's Mindset 82

Process Shift 90

Governance and Control 92

Summing Up 95

Notes 96

Chapter 5 Program Readiness 97

Plan Before You Leap 98

Define Program Benefits and Outcomes 100

Knowing Your Business Processes 100

Pre-Project Communication 103

Digital Leadership 103

Selecting an Implementation Partner 107

Preparation and Readiness Before

Program or Project Kick-Off 109

Summing Up 112

Notes 113

Chapter 6 Deep Dive: Organizational Change Management for Dynamics 365 and DX 115

Failings of Tactical OCM 118

Why Invest in Strategic OCM Before Starting the Project 120

Organization After Implementation and Role Change 123

Gain Meaningful Digital Insights for Change 128

Embedding Required Cultural Transformation in the Organization 131

Measuring User Adoption, Key Performance Indicators, and Benefits Realization 133

Measure Benefits Realized Post Go-Live 137

Summing Up 138

Notes 140

Chapter 7 Fundamentals of Executing a Successful Dynamics 365 Project 141

Effective Communication 142

Importance of Design Thinking, UX Design, and Customer Journey Mapping 144

Establishing Clear Design Principles at the Outset 149

Shortening Project Timescales Through Empowered Decision Making and Collocated Teams 152

Pragmatic Approach to the Agile Implementation of Dynamics 365 156

Incorporating Traditional Planning Approaches with the Flexibility of Agile and Scrum 159

Embrace Change: Deliver to Time and Budget 161

Summing Up 164

Part Driving Innovation and Improvements with Dynamics 365 175

Chapter 8 Makers and III Shakers of Dynamics 365 Transformation 177

Project Charter: Roles and Responsibilities 178

Critical Role of the User on a Dynamics 365 Project 182

Understanding of Value to Use 185

Delivering Value and Getting an Equitable Return 186

Why Users Should Create Dynamics 365 Documentation 187

Role of Microsoft Customer Success Manager 192

Leverage Your Community 196

Summing Up 199

Notes 200

Chapter 9 What Does Post Go-Live Look Like? 201

The Windows: Planning for Operations 202

Manage Your Dynamics 365 Operations? 203

Best Practices for Dynamics 365 Operations 208

Value Add with Continuous Innovation 209

Managing Your Product Backlog Post Go-Live 218

Summing Up 223

Note 224

Chapter 10 Dynamics 365 Support and Continuous Improvement 225

Recommendation for the Dynamics 365 Business Team 227

Recommendations for the Dynamics 365 Application Support Technical Team 229

How to Support Dynamics 365 Implementation 232

How to Continuously Improve 236

Benefits Realization 244

Continuing Culture of Digital Transformation 245

Summing Up 248

Notes 249

Part IV Appendices 257

Appendix A Success Enablers for Dynamics 365

Implementation 259

Appendix B Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365 275

Index 295
"Full of case study experience providing really valuable insight which can be turned into a plan and action for Dynamics 365."

--Phil Scully, Group CIO, Costa Coffee

"Up until now I've not seen a book I would recommend to our customers going on the Dynamics365 digital transformation journey. Let's be clear, implementing ERP is complex, sometimes traumatic, and filled with challenges--save yourself some time and money and increase your chances of success by absorbing this A-Z guide before you set off on your project--I'm sure it'll help."

--Jonathan Rowley (Jonny), Senior Customer Success Manager for Business Applications, Microsoft UK

"If you want to know the reality of digitally transforming the business and the transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, read this book. You will see the business transformation like a movie with the advantage of seeing all the phases, actor roles, problems, risk, the fun, the boring, and controls that need to be considered, then present it to the project team to analyze thus allowing for a more efficient digital transformation."

--Carlos Villasana Gutierrez, Sr. D365 Functional Analyst, Superior Energy Services

"This is the book I wish had existed when we started our Dynamic 365 Commerce project. It examines many issues we learned while facing them; it would have been helpful if we could have identified them earlier and prepared ourselves."

--Eric Johnson, Director, Consumer Engagement Technology, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

"Successful digital transformation based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications platform doesn't just happen--you need to understand the capabilities of the platform and how other leading organizations are adopting it. This book provides exactly this with interesting case studies and the right focus on how to adopt the platform, ensuring that it would stay 'evergreen' and would continue generating value for your organization many years in the future. The authors succeeded in working out a surprisingly profound book. Definitely a must-read."

--Linas Sneideris, Associate Partner, EY

"The amount of in-depth knowledge and thought leadership from key stakeholders within the Dynamics 365 community is simply astonishing and has created a must-read book which tackles a complex topic in a very comprehensive and unbiased way."

--Tobias Lång, Chief Technology Officer, Engage Group

"The authors of this book expose the fascinating ways to give the readers guidance on how to be successful in D365 implementation in strategic, step-by-step ways. They expressed each chapter in holistic, simple words and easy to understand ways. Everyone who has ERP project management experience can relate to this book, although there's so much more in these pages. The authors touch upon the most important part of the implementation which is the digital transformation. This is a valuable, must read book for project teams and leaders who choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system."

--Sheila Maria Taestensen, Senior Project Manager

"This book will help anyone looking to transition to Microsoft D365 ERP; it covers many of the major elements enriched by insightful real-life examples."

--Martijn Brons, Global ERP Director

"As a digital transformation expert, the lessons learned from these initiatives are constantly evolving. Don't jump into one of these projects without reading this book. Too many projects fail as a result of missing one or more pieces of the necessary multi-faceted success strategy. This digital transformation Bible will be your 'go-to' for implementing Dynamics 365."

--Scott Schultz, Director of Business Applications, PwC

"If you want to understand key trends in modern business you must read this book--it was created in a challenging time by awesome authors. I'm 100% sure that you can find something valuable in Building a Digital Future. Enjoy reading!"

--Vadim Korepin, Senior Functional Architect, Microsoft

"Successful implementation of Dynamics 365 helps you achieve a big milestone in your digital transformation. This book covers different aspects of Dynamics 365 and leads you toward successful implementation. A must-read for all resources engaged with Dynamics 365."

--Satish Panwar, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

"This book recommends key salient points to consider for go-live with Dynamics 365 and best practices post go-live. Managing backlog post go-live and ensuring a controlled change requests with adequate testing in staging is key before deploying to live environment. Upgrades to new versions of D365, is one of the most important things to keep your system evergreen. The power of this book is absolutely amazing; it doesn't let the reader forget about the plan post go-live and about future phases while the team is busy with the current phase."

--Kim Guldager, Product Owner, Bestseller

"Finally a book that does justice to the change management side of digital transformation for Dynamics365 with practical and relevant examples, including how to use new technologies for change activities."

--Lydia Broekhuizen, Senior Change Management Consultant, PowerObjects

"What I see here is excellent research on digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Building a Digital Future has practical solutions to real world problems many business and IT leaders face. It's a book I wish I had written."

--Arvind Sahu, Head of Information Technology, Kari-Out Company
Lipi Sarkar is an experienced Programme Director with 20 years of experience in leading and managing digital transformation programs with Microsoft Dynamics 365 across various industries--professional services, retail, insurance, commercial housing, healthcare, and not-for-profit. She has worked for one of the Big Four firms, popular UK charity organizations, and esteemed solution-based consulting organizations. She is also an active mentor of Warwick Business School, Global Mentoring Programme.

Vinnie Bansal has worn many hats in his career--Business Analyst, Functional Consultant, Project Manager, and Solutions Director. As a result, he has unique abilities to navigate complex challenges. His professional roots are from implementing Dynamics AX, analyzing, solution design, and working closely with process owners and business stakeholders. His passion and expertise lie in envisioning the big picture, working with Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management customers to assist in the innovation process, end-to-end, and to empower enterprises to overcome their biggest hurdles, streamline complex "pain points," realize their goals, and achieve a business transformation.