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A History of Women in Christianity to 1600

Matis, Hannah


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272 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-75661-3
John Wiley & Sons

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An overarching history of women in the Christian Church from antiquity to the Reformation, perfect for advanced undergraduates and seminary students alike

A History of Women in Christianity to 1600 presents a continuous narrative account of women's engagement with the Christian tradition from its origins to the seventeenth century, synthesizing a diverse range of scholarship into a single, easily accessible volume. Locating significant individuals and events within their historical context, this well-balanced textbook offers an assessment of women's contributions to the development of Christian doctrine while providing insights into how structural and environmental factors have shaped women's experience of Christianity.

Written by a prominent scholar in the field, the book addresses complex discourses concerning women and gender in the Church, including topics often ignored in broad narratives of Christian history. Students will explore the ways women served in liturgical roles within the church, the experience of martyrdom for early Christian women, how the social and political roles of women changed after the fall of Rome, the importance of women in the re-evangelization of Western Europe, and more. Through twelve chapters, organized chronologically, this comprehensive text:
* Examines conceptions of sex and gender tracing back their roots to the Jewish, Hellenistic, and Roman culture
* Provides a unique view of key women in the Church in the Middle Ages, including the rise of women's monasticism and the impact of the Inquisition
* Compares and contrasts each of the major confessions of the Church during the Reformation
* Explores lesser-known figures from beyond the Western European tradition

A History of Women in Christianity to 1600 is an essential textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in Christian traditions, historical theology, religious studies, medieval history, Reformation history, and gender history, as well as an invaluable resource for seminary students and scholars in the field.

1 A History of Women in Christianity: An Introduction 1

References 8

2 Filling the Hungry with Good Things: Women in Christianity to 200 10

Named Women in the Letters of Paul 11

Jews and God-Fearing Women in Hellenistic Society 13

Women in the Pax Romana 16

Pauline Paradoxes: Defining the Body of the Christian Community 20

The Pastoral Epistles 23

Thecla, an Early Christian Superhero 24

Prophecy and Secret Knowledge: Women in Gnosticism and Montanism 26

References 29

3 From Agnes to Sant'Agnese: Women as Witnesses, 200-350 33

The Third-Century Crisis and the Transformation of the Empire 35

Martyrdom, Memory, and Place 36

Christiana sum: Women, Martyrdom, and Christian Identity 37

Martyrdom as Christian Genre Literature 39

Deaconesses, Missionaries, and Martyrs in the Provinces 40

Saints and Legends 42

Maria orans: Proclamation and Liturgy 43

The New Holy Places 45

Asceticism and the New Martyrs 47

Macrina and the Household Community 50

References 51

4 Romancing Stones: Women in Christianity, 350-500 55

Wars and Rumors of Wars 56

A Woman Alone 58

Women in Community 59

The Virgin and the Widow 61

The Ascetic Patroness 62

Everyday Saints 67

A Family of Helenas: Theodosian Women 70

References 75

5 Bridgeheads in the Early Medieval Kingdoms: Women at the Frontiers, 500-750 79

Rome Reunited? Theodora and Justinian 80

Presbyterae and Deaconesses in the Early Medieval West 82

Women in the Early Medieval Archipelago 83

A Golden Age for Women? 85

Women and Early Medieval Monasticism 86

Women and Insular Christianity 89

Gregory the Great's Correspondents 91

Queens of the Franks 93

The Abbesses of The Ecclesiastical History of the English People 96

References 97

6 Charlemagne's Daughters: Women, Empire, and Reform, 750-1050 101

The Rise of the Carolingians 103

Charlemagne and the World of the Carolingian Court 105

King Solomon's Wives 108

Women and the Benedictine Reform in England 110

The Triumph of Orthodoxy: Women Saints in Byzantium 112

Ottonian Queens 114

Women and the Gregorian Reform 116

References 117

7 New Learning, Old Problems: Women and the Reformations of the Twelfth Century, 1050-1200 122

Women and the Crusades 123

Clerical Identity and Lay Enthusiasm 125

The Empress and the Anglo-Normans 126

Sunday Daughters 129

Nuns and Priests: Men and Women Together 132

The World of the Cloister: Herrad and Hildegard 134

Héloïse and Abelard 138

References 141

8 Clare and Company: The Social Mystics, 1200-1300 145

The Boom-Time and the Poor 146

The Perfect and the Inquisition 148

Embracing Poverty 150

The Confessor and the Religious Woman 151

Women and the Cistercians 153

Beguines and Penitents 157

References 164

9 The Political Visionary, 1300-1500 169

The Late Middle Ages: Crisis and Transformation 170

A Climate of Suspicion 172

Devotion in the Vernacular 173

The Angelic Speech of Bridget of Sweden 177

The Political Visionary: From Catherine of Siena to Joan of Arc 179

From Weeping to Preaching: Magdalene Spirituality 182

Sisters in a Common Life 185

References 187

10 Witness in Translation: Women in the Protestant Reformation, 1500-1600 192

Women and the Reformation 194

Women and the Town Councils197

Doctor Katharina 199

Reformation Magdalenes 200

Cuius regio: Royal Women and the Reformation 203

Italian Spirituali 204

The King's Great Matter and the Queen's Religion206

References 211

11 Women in the Catholic Reformation, 1500-1600 216

The Council of Trent and the Catholic Reformation 217

The Virgin and the Magdalene 218

In the Shadow of Isabella: From the Beatas to Teresa of Avila 220


People are people": Caritas Pirckheimer223

English Women and the Old Religion 225

Queen Mary227

Recusant Women and the Jesuits 228

Mary and Martha: The New Catholic Orders 231

References 237

12 Conclusion 241

References 244

Index 245
HANNAH MATIS is Associate Professor of Church History at Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Her areas of expertise include Carolingian biblical interpretation, late antiquity and medieval history, Reformation history, Anglican studies, the history of spirituality, and the religious experience of women within the Christian tradition. She is the author of The Song of Songs in the Early Middle Ages (2019).