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Cell Biology

A Short Course

Bolsover, Stephen R. / Townsend-Nicholson, Andrea / FitzHarris, Greg / Shephard, Elizabeth A. / Hyams, Jeremy S. / Patel, Sandip

Short Course


4. Auflage März 2022
336 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-75776-4
John Wiley & Sons

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An accessible and straightforward intro to cell biology

Supplementary online material coming soon!

In the newly revised Fourth Edition of Cell Biology: A Short Course, a distinguished team of researchers delivers a concise and accessible introduction to modern cell biology, integrating knowledge from genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, and microscopy. The book places a strong emphasis on drawing connections between basic science and medicine.

Telling the story of cells as the units of life in a colorful and student-friendly manner, Cell Biology: A Short Course takes an "essentials only" approach. It conveys critical points without overburdening the reader with extraneous or secondary information. Clear diagrams and examples from current research accompany special boxed sections that focus on the importance of cell biology in medicine and industry. A new feature, "BrainBoxes" describes some of the key people who created the current understanding of Cell Biology.

The book has been thoroughly revised and updated since the last edition and includes:
* Thorough introduction to cells and tissues, membranes, organelles, and the structure of DNA and genetic code
* Explorations of DNA as a data storage medium, transcription and the control of gene expression, and recombinant DNA and genetic engineering
* Discussion of the manufacture of proteins, protein structure, and intracellular protein trafficking
* Description of ions and voltages, intracellular and extracellular signaling
* Introduction to the cytoskeleton and cell movement
* Discussion of cell division and apoptosis

Perfect for undergraduate students seeking an accessible, one-stop reference on cell biology, Cell Biology: A Short Course is also an ideal reference for pre-med students.



Section 1 The Structure of the Cell

Chapter 1. A Look at Cells and Tissues

Chapter 2. Membranes and Organelles

Section 2. The Molecular Biology of the Cell

CHAPTER 3: DNA Structure and the Genetic Code

CHAPTER 4: DNA as A Data Storage Medium

CHAPTER 5: Transcription and the Control of Gene Expression

CHAPTER 6: Manufacturing Protein

CHAPTER 7: Protein Structure

CHAPTER 8: Recombinant DNA Technology and Genetic Engineering

Section 3. Cell Communication

CHAPTER 9: Carriers, Channels and Voltages

CHAPTER 10: Signalling through Ions

CHAPTER 11: Signalling through Enzymes

Section 4. The mechanics of the cell

CHAPTER 12: Intracellular Trafficking

CHAPTER 13: Cellular Scaffolding

CHAPTER 14: Controlling Cell Number

Section 5. Case study

CHAPTER 15: Case Study: Cystic Fibrosis

Answers to Review Questions


Stephen Bolsover is Professor Emeritus of Cell Physiology at University College London (UCL). His research focussed on the role of calcium as an intracellular messenger.

Andrea Townsend-Nicholson is Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at UCL. She is particularly interested in integrating high performance computing and experimental methodologies for the study of G protein-coupled receptors. She served as the Head of Teaching for Molecular Biosciences at UCL from 2010-2019.

Greg FitzHarris was previously a student and then lecturer at UCL, and is now Professor and Head of the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology at Université de Montréal.

Elizabeth Shephard is a Professorial Research Associate at UCL. She has a particular interest in rare genetic disorders and is a scientific advisor for the patient advocacy group, MEBO Research. She has served terms as Vice-Dean Education, Faculty Life Sciences, UCL.

Jeremy Hyams was Professor of Cell Biology at UCL. He left in 2003 to become head of the Institute of Molecular Biosciences at Massey University, New Zealand. He retired in 2008.

Sandip Patel is Professor of Cell Signalling and Deputy Head of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology at UCL. He has been teaching cell biology to variety of students for more years than he cares to remember but finds time to run a research lab.

S. R. Bolsover, University College London, UK; E. A. Shephard, University College London, UK; J. S. Hyams, University College London, England