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A Mindset of Permanent Reinvention for Individuals, Organisations and Life

McCullen, Aidan


1. Auflage März 2021
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ISBN: 978-1-119-77048-0
John Wiley & Sons

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The dictionary definition of disruption is "disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity or process". This certainly describes our world of incessant change. Today's world is characterized by the acronym VUCA, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and adversity, the Covid-19 pandemic is just another arrow in the VUCA quiver. In this rapidly changing world, a volley of questions come to mind. What does the future hold? What does this change mean for employment in face of exponential growth of technology? What does it mean for future generations in a changing job market? What does it mean for business leaders navigating waves of disruption? What does it mean for all of us as citizens in a society evolving at breakneck speed?

Undisruptable is a book that brings order to the chaos we are experiencing. While we cannot see into the future, there are repeatable patterns we can understand. Undisruptable demystifies the principles of change through a blend of analogies, innovation frameworks and the challenges we face whenever we lead change at a personal or organizational level. The first step to becoming undisruptable is to realize that evolution is a natural part of life, nature provides many examples. Next, by recognizing the cognitive biases, mental limitations, and psychological barriers that hold us back, we can learn to overcome them. Once we understand mental obstacles, we can start our journey towards transformation. Undisruptable will help you to:
* Understand the principles of change
* Overcome the barriers to change
* See change as an opportunity and not an obstacle
* Utilize simple frameworks and examples to guide you on your transformation

By the end of this book you will have the essential tools and techniques to foster a reinvention mindset that will help you and your organisation to become Undisruptable.

Aidan McCullen is a transformation consultant, and he has specialised in digital transformation, innovation and team development. He is also adjunct professor with Trinity College Dublin & runs a module called "Emerging Technology Trends". Aidan is also the host and founder of the Global Innovation Show, broadcast and listened to all over the globe.
Aidan has evolved in his own career after life as a professional rugby player - one of the most difficult transformations for professional athletes. Aidan has mastered this transformation becoming one of the most recognized innovators in digital media, where he led digital transformation efforts for a decade before becoming head of innovation for the Irish national broadcaster. He is a thought leader in business transformation, believing that you cannot change business models until you change mental models. You cannot change what people do until you change how people think.