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Classical Electrodynamics, International Adaptation

Jackson, John David


3. Auflage Mai 2021
832 Seiten, eText
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ISBN: 978-1-119-77077-0
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A revision of the defining book covering the physics and classical mathematics necessary to understand electromagnetic fields in materials and at surfaces and interfaces. The third edition has been revised to address the changes in emphasis and applications that have occurred in the past twenty years.

Introduction and Survey

Chapter 1 / Introduction to Electrostatics

Chapter 2 / Boundary- Value Problems in Electrostatics: I

Chapter 3 / Boundary- Value Problems in Electrostatics: II

Chapter 4 / Multipoles, Electrostatics of Macroscopic Media, Dielectrics

Chapter 5 / Magnetostatics, Faraday's Law, Quasi-Static Fields

Chapter 6 / Maxwell Equations, Conservation Laws

Chapter 7 / Plane Electromagnetic Waves and Wave Propagation

Chapter 8 / Waveguides, Resonant Cavities, and Optical Fibers

Chapter 9 / Radiating Systems, Multipole Fields and Radiation

Chapter 10 / Scattering and Diffraction

Chapter 11 / Special Theory of Relativity

Chapter 12 / Dynamics of Relativistic Particles and Electromagnetic Fields

Chapter 13 / Collisions, Energy Loss, and Scattering of Charged Particles, Cherenkov
and Transition Radiation

Chapter 14 / Radiation by Moving Charges

Chapter 15 / Bremsstrahlung, Radiative Beta Processes

Chapter 16 / Radiation Damping, Classical Models of Charged Particles

A / Appendix on Units and Dimensions

B / Appendix on Equations of Macroscopic Electromagnetism