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Criminology For Dummies

Briggs, Steven


2. Auflage Juli 2021
416 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-77319-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Explore the world of crime and punishment

Police, forensics, and detective stories dominate our TV screens and bookshelves--from fictional portrayals such as Silence of the Lambs and Law and Order to lurid accounts of real-life super-criminals like Pablo Escobar and Al Capone. As well as being horribly fascinating, knowledge of what makes criminals tick is crucial to governments, who spend billions of dollars each year trying to keep their people safe. Criminology brings disciplines like psychology, biology, and economics together to help police and society solve crimes--and to prevent them before they even happen.

The new edition of Criminology For Dummies shines a light into the dark recesses of the criminal mind and goes behind-the-scenes with society's response to crime, putting you right on the mean streets with cops and criminals alike. Along the way, you'll learn everything a rookie needs to survive, including basic definitions of what a crime is and how it's measured; common criminal motivations, thinking, and traits; elementary crime-solving techniques; the effects on and rights of victims; and more.
* Understand types of crime, from white-collar to organized to terror attacks
* Follow law-enforcement officials and agencies as they hunt the bad guys
* Meet key players in criminal justice and see how and why the guilty are punished
* Check out jobs in the field

Whether you plan to enter the criminal justice field or just want to know more about what turns some people to the dark side--and how the thin blue line fights back--this is your perfect guide to criminology basics.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Defining and Measuring Crime 5

Chapter 1: Entering the World of Crime 7

Chapter 2: What Is Crime? 21

Chapter 3: How Crime Is Measured and Why It Matters 33

Chapter 4: Helping Those in the Wake of Crime: Victims 45

Part 2: Identifying Types of Crime 57

Chapter 5: Getting Violent: Crimes of Force 59

Chapter 6: Hitting You in the Pocketbook: Property Crimes 79

Chapter 7: Dressing Sharp and Stealing Big: White-Collar Crimes 93

Chapter 8: A Group Effort: Organized Crime and Gangs 107

Chapter 9: Tackling a Worldwide Problem: The Narcotics Trade 131

Chapter 10: Front-Page News: Terrorism 147

Part 3: Figuring Out Who Commits Crimes and Why 161

Chapter 11: What Factors Lead to Crime? 163

Chapter 12: Regarding Crime as a Rational Decision: Rational Choice Theory 179

Chapter 13: Looking at Society's Role in Crime 193

Chapter 14: Can Your Mind or Body Make You a Criminal? 203

Chapter 15: Critical Criminology: Theories off the Beaten Path 213

Part 4: Fighting Crime 223

Chapter 16: Battling Crime at the Local Level 225

Chapter 17: Tackling Crime at the Federal Level 241

Chapter 18: Solving Crimes: The Process 253

Part 5: Prosecuting and Punishing Crime 273

Chapter 19: Seeking Justice in Court: The Players and Their Roles 275

Chapter 20: Finding the Truth: Pleading Guilty or Going to Trial 293

Chapter 21: Punishing the Guilty: Why and How Society Does It 313

Chapter 22: Examining the Juvenile Justice System 339

Part 6: The Part of Tens 351

Chapter 23: Ten Jobs to Consider in Criminal Justice 353

Chapter 24: Ten Notorious, Unsolved Crimes 365

Index 377
Steven Briggs is a nationally recognized expert on crime. He has worked in the judicial and executive branches of government, prosecuted cases at the local, state, and federal level, and run a statewide law enforcement agency. He has lectured internationally on a variety of criminal justice topics, and in his spare time is an award-winning writer of crime fiction.