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Radical Architectural Drawing

Spiller, Neil (Herausgeber)

Architectural Design


1. Auflage August 2022
144 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-78777-8
John Wiley & Sons

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There is a newfound interest in architectural drawing. Some of the most forward-looking architects worldwide are reinventing it to discover the radical possibilities of contemporary architecture as a rich mix of the virtual and the actual. Architectural drawing is adapting to compensate for these new changes to the discipline, and is being used to speculate on new paradigms of space and representation. This AD seeks to showcase the architects who are pushing the envelope of drawing in extraordinary ways, and their insights into architecture's future spatial dexterity. The issue is built around an international group of architects involved in an ongoing KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture international drawing research project, who are creating new drawing methodologies in new and exciting realms. Their projects are written about from the perspective of architectural representation by critics and commentators from across the globe, illustrating a cornucopia of graphic verve and talent in this highly contemporary and thought-provoking issue. Contributors: Aaron Betsky, Penelope Haralambidou, Ulrika Karlsson, Michael McGarry, Nicholas de Monchaux, Ricardo de Ostos, Alberto Pérez-Gómez, Peter Salter, Chris L Smith, Wolfgang Tschapeller, Sarah de Villiers, Robin Wilson, and Jason Young. Drawings by: Bryan Cantley, Nat Chard, Peter Cook, Riet Eeckhout, CJ Lim, Perry Kulper, Metis (Mark Dorrian and Adrian Hawker), Shaun Murray, Smout Allen, Neil Spiller, Nada Subotincic, Michael Webb, Mark West, and Michael Young.

Neil Spiller is Editor of AD. Previously he was Hawksmoor Chair of Architecture and Landscape, and Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Greenwich, London. Prior to this he was Dean of the School of Architecture, Design and Construction and Professor of Architecture and Digital Theory. Spiller is also known as the founding director of the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architectural Research Group based at the University of Greenwich. This group had its own PhD and Masters programmes and conducted research into advanced technologies in architectural representation and into the impact of advanced technologies on 21st century design.

N. Spiller, Bartlett School of Architecture, London, England