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Patty's Industrial Hygiene

Volume 1: Hazard Recognition

Cohrssen, Barbara (Herausgeber)


7. Auflage April 2021
432 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-79151-5
John Wiley & Sons

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Since the first edition in 1948, Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology has become a flagship publication for Wiley. During its nearly seven decades in print, it has become a standard reference for the fields of occupational health and toxicology. The volumes on industrial hygiene are cornerstone reference works for not only industrial hygienists but also chemists, engineers, toxicologists, lawyers, and occupational safety personnel.

Volume 1 covers Introduction of Industrial Hygiene and Recognition of Chemical Agents. In addition to revised and updated chapters, a number of new chapters reflect current technology and concerns. The chapters include Ethics in Industrial Hygiene, Prevention through Design, Risk Communication, Managing Workplace Demographics, and Mastering Digital Media for Workers, Employers and Community Practice.

Contributors vii

Preface ix

Useful Equivalents and Conversion Factors xi

Part I Introduction To Industrial Hygiene 1

Occupational and Industrial Hygiene as a Profession: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 3
Barbara J. Dawson, Kyle B. Dotson, Faye Grimsley, Thomas Grumbles, Zack Mansdorf, David Roskelley, Jennifer Sahmel, Noel Tresider, and Candace Tsai

Ethics in Industrial Hygiene 19
Nina Townsend, Garrett Brown, and Mark Katchen

Prevention through Design 31
Georgi Popov, Bruce Lyon, and Tsvetan Popov

Risk Communication 51
David M. Zalk

Health Risk Assessment in the Workplace 67
Chris Laszcz-Davis, Fred W. Boelter, Michael Jayjock, Frank Hearl, Perry Logan, Cristina Ford McLaughlin, Mary V. O'Reilly, R. Thomas Radcliffe Jr., Esquire, and Mark Stenzel

Decision Making in Managing Risk 103
Charles F. Redinger, Fred W. Boelter, Mary V. O'Reilly, John Howard and Glenn J. Barbi

Managing Workplace Demographics 127
John Howard

Mastering Digital Media for Workers, Employers, and Our Community of Practice 139
Max Lum

Part II Chemical Agents 159

The History and Biological Basis of Occupational Exposure Limits for Chemical Agents 161
Dennis J. Paustenbach and William D. Cyrs

The Mode of Absorption, Distribution, and Elimination of Toxic Materials 213
Franklin E. Mirer

Symptomatic Responses to Low-Level Occupational and Environmental Exposures 241
Brian Linde and Carrie A. Redlich

Basic Aerosol Science 255
Parker C. Reist and Yifang Zhu

Pulmonary Effects of Inhaled Mineral Dusts 283
David Fishwick and Chris M. Barber

Engineered Nanomaterials 311
Thomas M. Peters and Peter C. Raynor

Gases and Vapors Affecting the Respiratory System 333
Philip Harber, William S. Beckett, and Marion J. Fedoruk

Dermal Effects of Chemical Exposures 361
Katherine J. Allnutt and Rosemary L. Nixon

Analytical Methods 383
Robert G. Lieckfield Jr.

Index 401