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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion For Dummies

Davis, Shirley


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352 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-82475-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Strengthen your company culture through inclusive and equitable policies and practices

The global workforce and marketplace will continue to undergo dramatic demographic shifts--redefining the workplace, the workers, and how work gets done. Organizations that want to attract and retain the best talent and to capitalize on the full breath of their perspectives and experiences must first reflect our society as a whole, and secondly, must create the right kind of work environment where ALL talent can thrive. That means valuing diversity, creating more equitable policies and practices, and fostering a welcoming and inclusive culture.

In Diversity, Equity & Inclusion For Dummies, global workforce expert, and three-time Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Dr. Shirley Davis unveils her extensive collection of real-world experiences, stories, case studies, checklists, assessments, tips, and strategies that will give you a deeper understanding of the business impact of DEI and how your role as a leader can contribute to your company's long term success.

You'll learn:
* The fundamentals of DEI and how it drives business performance and impact
* How to conduct comprehensive DEI organizational assessments to identify systemic and institutional inequities
* Tactics and strategies for having necessary but difficult conversations, and how to make them impactful
* Skills and competencies that every leader needs in order to effectively lead the new generation of workers
* How to operationalize DEI across your organization, measure its impact, and sustain it long term

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion For Dummies is a must-read guide for any leader at any level who wants to ready themselves for the workplace of the future and reap the benefits of a full spectrum diverse ideas, backgrounds, and experiences. It also belongs on the reading lists of human resources and DEI professionals actively seeking to go broader, deeper, and have greater impact in their DEI work.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 7

Chapter 1: Understanding the Fundamentals of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 9

Chapter 2: Exploring Key Demographic Trends that Are Redefining the Workplace 31

Chapter 3: Cultivating Skills and Competencies for Leading Today's Workers 47

Chapter 4: Making the Case for DEI 75

Chapter 5: Hiring a Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer 87

Part 2: Examining DEI in the Workplace 95

Chapter 6: Assessing Your Organization's Culture 97

Chapter 7: Exposing Common Organizational Barriers to DEI 107

Chapter 8: Positioning DEI as an Organization's Strategic Priority 119

Part 3: Implementing and Operationalizing DEI Across the Organization 131

Chapter 9: Finding and Recruiting Diverse Talent 133

Chapter 10: Developing, Coaching, Promoting, and Retaining Diverse Talent 149

Chapter 11: Leading Diverse Teams for Maximum Performance 163

Chapter 12: Tracking, Measuring, and Reporting the Progress of DEI Efforts 175

Chapter 13: Embedding DEI in Other Key Areas of the Organization 185

Chapter 14: Launching DEI Councils and Employee Resource Groups 201

Part 4: Sustaining DEI in Your Organization 217

Chapter 15: Understanding Implicit Bias and Its Impact in the Workplace 219

Chapter 16: Moving from Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership 235

Chapter 17: Enhancing Cultural Competence 247

Chapter 18: Cultivating a Culture of Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging 263

Part 5: The Part of Tens 289

Chapter 19: Ten Common Myths about Diversity and Inclusion 291

Chapter 20: Ten Ways That Boards Can Influence DEI in the Organization 297

Chapter 21: Ten Things Underrepresented Talent Wish Leaders Knew 303

Index 311
Shirley Davis, PhD, is a seasoned HR and Diversity & Inclusion thought leader, a certified leadership coach, and veteran executive. She has been featured on NBC's Today, USA Today, National Public Radio, the Wall Street Journal, Essence magazine, Fast Company, the Washington Post, and more.