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Secrets to Gaining Admission to the World's Top Universities

Beaton, Jamie


1. Auflage April 2022
288 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-83351-2
John Wiley & Sons

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Now a USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller!

How do you REALLY get accepted to Harvard, Yale, and the Ivy League?

Told from the fresh and personal perspective of 26-year-old Crimson Education CEO and Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford graduate Jamie Beaton, Accepted! is an honest and practical guide on beating the odds and getting into Ivy League and other elite schools - the smart way.

Beaton takes you behind the doors of the world's top college admissions offices, revealing the highly strategic selection processes applied by institutions whose reputations depend on the number of students they admit, or more pointedly, the tens of thousands that they don't.

In Accepted!, Beaton delivers the ultimate insider "how to" and disrupts cliched admissions advice with savvy strategies like:
* Moneyballing the university rankings and increasing your chances of admission
* Class spamming your way to academic supremacy and acceptance
* Playing the early application dating game and understanding how institutions are using it to their reputational advantage

Packed with real-life examples from the thousands of students Beaton has helped land a spot at Harvard, Stanford, and other esteemed universities, Accepted! is a never-before assembled culmination of secrets, insights, and application strategies guaranteed to maximize your chances of "getting in" to the school of your choice.

From ambitious students and their supportive parents to academic advisors and admissions professionals, Accepted! is the must-read guide to demystifying the often-convoluted and increasingly competitive world of elite college admissions.

Foreword xv

Introduction xix

1 Signaling, the Hunger Games, and McHarvard 1

2 Class Spam: Deadly and Effective 7

3 Early Decision and the Dating Game 17

4 Morpheus Wins: "Show Me The Future!" 29

5 The Extracurricular Results/Effort Ratio: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters 37

6 Not A School Leader? Go Build Your Own Empire 47

7 Don't Be Fooled: Recommendation Letters Are Audit Trails 55

8 The Kingmakers: Here's How the Best of the Best Defeat the Rest of the Best of the Best 65

9 It's All Optional!: What the New "Test Optional" Universe Means to College Admissions 71

10 Powerade, Burger Patties, and the Perfect Personal Statement 79

11 Dual Degrees and Why Double Dipping Opens Doors You May Not Know Existed 95

12 What the Rich Get Wrong: Don't Pay to Play over Summer 107

13 Why Student Athletes Need to Compete with Their Heads 119

14 Managing Your Toughest Adversary-- Your Mind! 129

15 International Students and the Even More Uneven Playing Field 141

16 Moneyball: How to Rank and Choose the Best Universities 147

17 Harvard's Legacy, My Legacy, and Your Legacy 161

18 The Personalities of the Ivy Leagues and Which One May Be Right for You 167

19 For Parents Only! 187

Epilogue 199

Appendix: Bonus Round 205

Acknowledgments 235

About the Author 239

Notes 241

Index 253
"This revelatory, insightful, brutally honest book will actually help you! That's because Jamie Beaton has more experience than anyone, from his personal journey as a New Zealander to Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Yale to his pioneering role as founder and CEO of Crimson Education, which has helped thousands of students crack the code of Ivy League admission. ACCEPTED! is the real deal--and fun to read to boot. Tiger Mother approved."

- Amy Chua, John M. Duff, Jr. Professor of Law at Yale Law School, New York Times bestselling author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America

"No one knows more about how to get into a top school than Jamie Beaton. This book is filled with actionable advice for improving your odds."

- Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Think Again, Originals and Give and Take, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business top-rated professor for 7 straight years, and listed as one of the world's 10 most influential management thinkers and Fortune's 40 under 40.

"Higher education has always been exclusive, and in the last 5 years it has become even more so. Lean on Jamie and his experience to get into the best programs in the world."

- Scott Galloway, NYU Stern Professor of Marketing, New York Times bestselling author of The Four, Algebra of Happiness, and Digital IQ Index. Elected to the World Economic Forum's "Global Leaders of Tomorrow," which recognizes 100 individuals under the age of 40 "whose accomplishments have had impact on a global level."

"I spent 20 minutes with Jamie Beaton some years ago and jumped at the chance to invest in Crimson when it was a small company with huge success in New Zealand. He was not your typical 19 year old. At an early age Jamie understood the importance of receiving the best education possible, and has tried to avail that to tens of thousands of students worldwide. Jamie is a force of nature who exudes passion, energy and intelligence during almost every hour of the day."

- Julian Robertson, Founder of Tiger Management, The Wizard of Wall Street

"When I was growing up in country Australia, it was understood that you'd go into one of two careers: dairy or beef. The chance to attend a great university opened a world of opportunity for me. I hope this book will help bright, ambitious high school students from around the world shoot for the stars through higher education."

- Kevin Rudd AC, Former Australian Prime Minister

"If you spend any amount of time with Jamie Beaton, you will find him to be an exceptional and tireless individual. He figured his way from New Zealand to the best universities around the world. He systematized his insights and created Crimson Education to help aspiring students understand the college admission system. Now he brings those insights to ACCEPTED!, his very well-written and entertaining book. If you value entrance to a great university, this book is compulsory reading."

- Alfred Lin, Partner, Sequoia Capital & #1 Venture Capitalists Globally in Forbes Midas 2021

"Jamie is a true pioneer in the education landscape. Through his own experience studying at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford, as well as the almost decade working alongside some of the world's most ambitious students, Jamie and the Crimson team have become the global leader in the University and College Admissions landscape.

- The Right Honorable Sir John Key, Former NZ Prime Minister

"ACCEPTED! unveils Jamie's exceptional college admission strategies, which have helped numerous students worldwide go to their dream colleges. The book transforms our perspectives on college admissions and arms students with productive ways to envision their future life. It's a must-read for students as well as their parents!"

- Tomohiro Hoshi, Head of School, Stanford Online High School, Lecturer Stanford University

"For any student entering this brutal selection process this is a must read book, as it is for any parent who wants their child to receive the missive 'Accepted'. Congratulations Jamie on such a practical and pleasure-to-read book using your experiences of being a Rhodes, and a graduate of Harvard, Stanford and Oxford, sharing your brilliant and truly extraordinary journey with us.

- Emeritus Professor David Buisson, University of Otago, Sloan Fellow MIT, Former Regional Chairman and Educational Counsellor for MIT undergraduate admissions

"Jamie is a great source of inspiration, a visionary entrepreneur and above all, my life-long mentor and my dearest friend. I met Jamie at the end of high school when I desperately needed a scholarship to afford my college education, for which Jamie generously offered his guidance. Because of Jamie's support, I was fortunate to receive a full-ride scholarship from the Australian National University for my undergraduate study followed by Master's degrees at Stanford and the Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua. The last eight years of growing Crimson with Jamie has been an extremely rewarding journey and a truly transformative experience - lots of which you'll be able to discover in this book!"

- Fangzhou Jiang, Crimson Education Co-Founder, HURUN 30 Under 30

"Don't just apply... stand out! In this fascinating book, Jamie Beaton shows how to position for admittance at the world's most famous universities. I wish I had this book when I was applying."

- David Meerman Scott, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 12 books including The New Rules of Marketing and PR

"Jamie encourages students to maximize their potential and become inspirational leaders. Through his life, Jamie embodies the qualities that are most important in an educator - remaining a learner and embodying his teachings. His life's lessons are packed into this book, making it a must-read."

- Ed Matsuda, Founder of Teach For Japan, The Most 100 Influential People in Japan (Nikkei Business), Crimson Education Japan - Country Manager

"The first conversation I ever had with Jamie changed the course of my entire life. In the span of one hour, Jamie had turned my childhood dream of attending Harvard into a precise actionable trajectory that led me to gain admission to Harvard, Stanford, UPenn (Huntsman Program), Columbia, Brown, and Dartmouth, and more recently has led me to building a venture backed company. His book ACCEPTED! is an extremely punchy collection of the many kernels of wisdom Jamie has shared with me over this multi-year journey - an absolute must-read for anybody thinking about applying to competitive US/UK universities."

- Soumil Singh, Harvard University - also accepted to Stanford, University of Pennsylvania (Huntsman Program), Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth

"Jamie has taught a generation of students that the impossible is possible and now ACCEPTED! is the playbook for that vision. This book will give you the insight of what it takes to aim for a target on the moon and hit the bullseye every time - accounting for the physics of moon-gravity and space junk that may come in the way. ACCEPTED! is a rare look into the mind of a master strategist and how this mindset moulded an ambitious kid to a global leader."

- Rahul Sood, Wharton / UPenn CAS '20, Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management summa cum laude

"ACCEPTED! offers unparalleled, practical and 'can't-find-anywhere-else' insight on the ever shifting and increasingly competitive top college admissions landscape. I am evidence that Jamie's advice is golden. I never dreamed, when starting my applications, that I would have three Ivies and Stanford to choose from. There is no way I would be where I am today if not for what Jamie describes in this book. Read it and take his advice - it works!"

- Claudia F., Princeton University - also accepted to Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth

"Jamie is exceptional -- full of energy, ideas, and passion. He's the kind of person you go to when you have a wild, or rather, statistically improbable vision, and he possesses the conviction and skills to make it happen. At age 16, yearning for a community of intellectuals and change-makers, I aspired to go to one of the US's best universities. While I started knowing close to nothing about the nuances of the admissions process, I ended up receiving a Likely Letter from Stanford! Three years later, my sister also worked with Crimson and is now studying at Oxford. For our family, working with Crimson and Jamie has elevated our futures to new heights -- enabling social mobility, world-class opportunities, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences."

- Rizina Y., Stanford University - also accepted to Princeton, Yale and Oxford

"Jamie has blown my wildest dreams out of proportion: I'm now living them. Following Jamie's advice, I was offered admission to my dream school - but also a full-merit scholarship that I wouldn't have dared to imagine myself capable of. Jamie will help you reimagine your possibilities. He's a visionary, but also a relentless pragmatist. There is no one more knowledgeable, passionate and hungry when it comes to college admissions."

- Jia D., Robertson Scholar at Duke University, 3 x VEX Robotics World Champion - also accepted to Princeton, Columbia and Carnegie Mellon

"A thorough and thoroughly interesting guide to a world we think we know all about - wonderful!"

- Oscar E., University Of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business- also accepted to Yale and Cornell
JAMIE BEATON is a graduate of Harvard University, Stanford, and Oxford University. Now the Co-founder and CEO of Crimson Education, the world's most successful college admissions company according to U.S. News and World Report, he helps students level the playing field in world-leading university admissions.